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Flexi Complete is a combination of Flexi DESIGN and Production Manager, giving its users a complete design, print, cut, and RIP solution. Both applications have been updated with new and improved features.

Easily adjust the artboard’s contrast for improved visibility of light-colored objects, particularly whites. Enhance precision and clarity in your designs with just a slide. Upgrade your creative process with FlexiDESIGN’s innovative tools.

Introducing our streamlined file management system: seamlessly navigate between your projects with ease. Each time you open or create a file, a convenient tab appears at the bottom of the interface, right above your swatches. Effortlessly switch between tasks with a simple click, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. Experience smoother project management and faster access to your designs with FlexiDESIGN’s intuitive interface enhancements.

Experience the all-new FlexiDESIGN, where innovation meets seamless usability. The latest update introduces a refreshed interface with an array of exciting features designed to elevate your design experience. Now, with just a few clicks in the preferences dialog, users can effortlessly apply one of six dynamic themes, infusing FlexiDESIGN with a vibrant, modern aesthetic. And for those who prefer the familiarity of the legacy interface, fear not – it’s just a selection away. Transform your workspace, unleash your creativity, and embrace the future of design with unparalleled versatility and style.

Two dynamic full-screen view modes enhance design freedom. Maximize your creative space and immerse yourself in your designs like never before. Easily accessed via the View Menu or convenient shortcut keys, these modes eliminate distractions by hiding icons while preserving essential tools like rulers. Need quick access to menus? Simply click anywhere on the screen to reveal a streamlined dialog box or right-click for a convenient vertical menu bar.

Unlock the power of color harmony with automatic swatch generation. Simply activate it from the View Menu, and watch as the colors from your vector artwork are displayed as swatches. With every new job you open, the corresponding swatches appear seamlessly, streamlining your design process. Need to update a swatch? It’s as easy as a right-click and selecting “synchronize with document” to ensure your colors are always in perfect harmony.

SAi Flexi iPhone 15 and t shirt templates

More tile patterns added to our default swatch collection elevate your designs. Don’t worry, the original default swatch remains accessible in the library for your convenience. Plus, enjoy the flexibility to resize any pattern to suit your creative vision.

Maximize your toolset visibility effortlessly with our intuitive interface. Simply look out for the two small arrows at the end of the interface to find hidden tools. Click once, and unlock the full potential of your toolkit as the hidden tools reveal themselves.

Each CutContour spot color now boasts a distinct identity, making it easier for users to distinguish between cut contours. Plus, introducing our newest additions to the default swatch table: spot white and spot clear swatches, designed to elevate your designs to new heights.

Export PDF files with LAB colors converted to matching RGB colors, ensuring compatibility with other programs. Plus, choose from multiple color modes including Original, RGB, and CMYK, empowering you to tailor your exports to suit your specific needs.

Finding the perfect color has never been easier: simply right-click on your vector fill color and select “Find Color” to reveal the Find Tab in the Color Spec dialog. Search through any swatch library to find your desired color, empowering you to bring your creative vision to life effortlessly.

Elevate your designs with new templates for iPhone 15, Samsung 24S, and a T-Shirt. Quickly insert these templates into your projects and save design time. Templates provide the perfect starting point for your creative journey.

Finishing tools are now available within FlexiDESIGN! Seamlessly add grommets, fold lines, and bleeds to any project with ease. Customize grommet colors, sizes, spacing, and more directly with DesignCentral and Advanced dialogues. Plus, achieve precise bleeds with multiple options, including corner choices, for flawless print-ready designs. 

Introducing the Select and Delete tool, your secret weapon for lightning-fast editing in FlexiDESIGN. Located conveniently on the Select toolbar, this tool lets you delete objects with a single click. Say goodbye to tedious manual deletions – whether you’re tidying up intricate designs or making quick adjustments, the Select and Delete tool has you covered.

Draw a path over any vector object and effortlessly create a weed line with a simple right-click. This intuitive tool automates processes to save you time and ensure flawless results.

Immerse yourself in your designs with our full-screen preview in Production Manager. Set it as your default view and dive into your projects with clarity and focus. With essential tools at your fingertips and distractions out of sight, organizing nested jobs has never been easier.

Elevate your labeling game with Production Manager’s customizable print options! Choose to place labels inside the image, on the border, or stick with the legacy default outside. Whether you’re printing dates only or adding your logo for that extra touch, Production Manager makes it a breeze.

Separate white in your images with ease, ensuring flawless results every time. Plus, enjoy the added convenience of transparency set to the outside edge of each object, enhancing your design process. Preview your creations with a transparent color that mirrors your final media, empowering you to visualize your designs with accuracy and clarity.

Now users can preview cut contours independently, giving the power to fine-tune their designs with ease. Simply add a cut contour in Production Manager, then reveal the CutContour preview whenever you need it.

There are two new nesting options in Production Manager. Show job images during movement and update job layouts effortlessly with a simple checkbox. Streamline your workflow with the option to skip image previews when moving jobs, ensuring swift and uninterrupted operations.

Plus, take full control of job organization with the ability to delete and adjust positions using intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Elevate precision and efficiency with added features like manual overlapping, zoom options, and vertical alignment tools. Experience smoother workflows and unparalleled productivity with these nesting enhancements.

We’ve made improvements in Production Manager to enhance smoothing between an image and a transparent area.

In addition, you can now Preview the Transparency Mask, allowing the user to preview where white will be applied while using a transparency mask.

Perfect for flatbed printers, this feature ensures that your final print size matches the full media sheet with absolute precision. Elevate your printing experience and achieve professional results with ease.

Flexi COMPLETE has all this and more.


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