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$ 69
per month annually
  • Design, RIP, Print & Cut
  • Complete Suite of design & production features
  • Drives up to 5 printer or cutter simultaneously
  • Production Manager


$ 32
Per month annually
  • Full suite of powerful design features
  • Ideal add-on for design only stations
  • Send to remote production manager
  • Available on Mac & PC Computers


$ 38
Per month annually
  • Direct to Garment, Direct to Film Printing
  • Versatile white ink workflow
  • Improved output control for ideal texture & feel
  • Complete design & print feature set

EnRoute for

$ 30
Per month annually
  • Create V-carved signs and channel letters
  • Uses EnRoute's Powerful CAM engine
  • 2D Toolpathing and CNC output
  • Add-on to a pre-existing Flexi License

what makes us different

Get more out of your software from SAi

World-Class Support, World-Wide

We pride ourselves on our service and strive to give the best care possible to our customers. Our dedicated customer service and technical support teams are passionate about what they do and are happy to get you back to work if something goes wrong. We believe that support is a key component of high-quality software and something that distinguishes SAi in the marketplace.

Business &
Production Tools

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do your job so we've created a number of tools and included them in Flexi to accomplish that goal. For example, the SAi Connect dashboard makes it easier than ever to manage licenses, download updates, access useful tools, and see data about your printing and production to help you make informed business decisions.


We know new software can be overwhelming so we have a wealth of information on the SAi Help Center that can give you and hand with (probably) anything you need. Help with getting started, step-by-step guides, video tutorials and how-tos, troubleshooting, FAQ's and more are there when you need them.

Learn more with adendo

We're so passionate about helping people with their software that we created adendo to give even more advice, training, and support.

Sign up for Virtual Training, an eCourse, Onsite Training, or join the Flexi User Community to connect with industry professionals and find training content found nowhere else on the internet.

Flexi is even better with SAi Connect

SAi Connect is a companion application that streamlines the management of your SAi software subscriptions, gain access to valuable tools and how-to guides, and view important statistics about your print production, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Effortlessly Update

Receive notifications as soon as they are available. Manage your licenses, installations, and more.

Access Resources

Easily access essential resources like the Help Center, Adendo training, Flexi Community, YouTube videos, printer profiles and more.

Discover Your Data

Uncover statistics about your printing and production jobs. Keep track of your ink usage and media consumption to make informed business decisions.

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