Top 5 Features & Improvements in SAi Flexi 22 featured image
Jul 08, 2022

Top 5 Features & Improvements in SAi Flexi 22

Top 5 Features of SAi Flexi 22 That I Love
SAi recently released an update to its design and RIP software, Flexi. It has numerous new features as well as fixes and improvements. While, at first glance, the interface “seems” to look as if there are very few changes, there are in fact many improvements. Here are my top five favorite features:

SAi Connect
This new app for SAi Flexi software will sit in your taskbar tray taking up little room or memory but giving you huge amounts of data feedback and access to apps and more.

You’ll see all the SAi apps you have installed or have access to and even see when they need updating.

Statistics will show you your activity, ink usage, jobs, and more in whatever time frame you want to monitor them. Now you can see how productive you are.

SAi Connect is like having access to the Cloud part of Flexi all in one place but organized and more easily accessible and meaningful.
(Watch a video here)

Dynamic Marquee For Make Transparent
Now, when you select an area to make it transparent and change the Tolerance in DesignCentral you will see the change in real-time on the image. This will save time. In the previous Flexi version, you had to set the tolerance, select and then set the tolerance lower or higher, and select again to see the results. Now just select, change the tolerance and see the results instantly.
(Watch video here)

Order Reprints

The Order Reprint feature allows you to create and store print orders with the original job files and settings in Production Manager, and then retrieve them to be printed again. Once you have a job in Production Manager, just choose Order Reprint from the File menu. Or better, go to Edit and then Preferences in Production Manager and set Order Reprints to start whenever you send a job for printing (you can always just cancel the order reprint menu if you don’t want to save for later reprinting).

After you set the info in the Create Order, if you want to print the image again EXACTLY as before, you can choose order reprint, choose the job and it will set up the job to print using all the same settings you had for the original print! There are some great job search options as well. Search by customer name, date, and more.
(Watch video here)

Thumbnails in the Production Manager Queue
Just hover over a small thumbnail next to any job in Production Manager and up will pop an enlarged thumbnail so you can preview the job before selection.

Instead of just trying to guess what the job is based on the name of the job, Production Manager will now show you a small thumbnail so you can preview the job about to be selected. This is one small improvement that makes the user experience in Flexi RIP software better.
(Watch video here)

Reorder Devices in Production Manager
In Flexi 22 there is an easy way to move the location of the tabs for the output devices in Production Manager. So, if you want your cutter first and then all your printers or you have multiple printer types and use one more often, you can move the tab location for that device to the front of the line in Production Manager.
(Watch video here)

What Do I Think About Flexi 22
Overall, SAi has made some very good improvements to this version of Flexi. With the new features and updates, SAi continues to be the leader in design and RIP software for sign and print shops. I would recommend the update/upgrade to anyone.

Hey SAi, keep ‘em coming!

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By: Mark Rugen, Director of Education – Mutoh America, Inc.