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Oct 23, 2020

Top Features in Flexi You Might Not Know About

Seems like every time I do a webinar or training class, someone tells me "WOW! I didn't know Flexi could do that!" I love hearing that because it means I am teaching something that is going to help make that person a better designer! So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a few of the top features in Flexi that you might not know about.

Did you know...

You can view the same file in TWO separate windows?

Open any file making sure it is the only file open. Now go to the WINDOWS menu at the top of Flexi and Choose NEW WINDOW. Now go right back to the WINDOWS menu and choose TILE VERTICAL.

The image will not appear in both windows. Go to either side and move the image a little and watch what happens in the other window. It moves too! It is indeed the same file opened in two separate views. In fact, you can use this to zoom in on one side while seeing the full image on the other window. Great for editing or other needs when working with bitmaps etc.

Did you know...

You can make a custom marquee using any vector?

Sometimes you just need a part of a bitmap selected accurately. The selection tools in the bitmap menu of Flexi may seem limiting, but there is an alternative. Open a bitmap. Now use the path tool or for that matter any vector tool or shape to create a vector around the area you want to select. With the final vector selected, go to the BITMAP menu and choose covert shape to marquee.
You can do the opposite as well, by creating a marquee and then using the bitmap menu to covert the marquee to a shape.

Did you know...

You can change the selection color on each layer in a drawing?

Sometimes, in more complex drawing you might want to separate parts into different layers. This might be the case when you are printing braille, images, text and more using different inks sets like varnish, white or other colors.

Well, you can make each layer a "color" so when you choose an item on that layer, the selection will have that hairline color.

Open DesignEditor. Move items to layers as needed. Now right click on the color of the layer and use the dropdown menu to change the selection color indicator to whatever you wish. Want an even faster way? Just drag and drop a swatch color right on the layer color!

Did you know...

You can open and edit files right from Production Manager?

Open Production manager and add a job like a bitmap. Now go to the File Menu and choose EDIT WITH. You can now edit the file with any compatible program!

Make any change with your favorite program. Add delete areas you do not want, change colors, resample, whatever you wish, then just save the file in the editing program and the file in Production Manager will be updated. This is great for things like printing a file where the color information needs to be maintained from the original file or adding content or deleting items you just don't need in the print etc.

"WOW! I didn't know Flexi could do that!"

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About the Author

Mark Rugen is the worlds expert FlexiSIGN instructor. He has been in the sign and print market for over 35 years. He is an expert in FlexiSIGN, color management, Adobe products and much more. He offers much of his knowledge and experience in webinars, videos, and other learning tools. Mark is currently the Director of Education for MUTOH America. MUTOH America is the leading manufacturer of wide format printers.