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Aug 02, 2019

CNC Plasma Sign Making Software

Plasma signs are very common and you’ve likely seen some in your community without knowing it.

Plasma signs can be signage that is cut from steel or aluminum. The signs themselves can be left in their unfinished form or finished by priming & painting. They can be any color but are most commonly black, white, silver, brushed aluminum or charcoal.

plasma sign making software

What Are Plasma Signs Used For?

Plasma signs are multi-functional and can be used for a variety of needs and aesthetics.

Plasma signs are either large enough to provide directions or announce a business, or small enough to hang on the door of a child’s room or placed on a work desk.

You are limited in the use of plasma signs only by your imagination and with leading software, like SAi EnRoute plasma sign software, you can make these ideas a reality.

Many use them as front door decorations, kitchen accents, addresses, welcome signs and much more. Other uses, include: announcing team loyalty, favorite players, employee status, etc.

With plasma signs, you can custom create to trumpet your ethnicity or family coat of arms, make people laugh or think. The possibilities are endless, really.

The benefits of plasma signs are that they appear fresh in spite of weather, sun, wind and pollution erosion.

Use plasma signs for:

  • Logos
  • Addresses
  • Decor
  • Announcements

CNC Plasma Sign Software

cnc plasma sign making software

Signs, as those mentioned above, can easily be created with CNC Plasma Sign Software, such as SAi’s EnRoute world-class software.

CNC software is a common way to create these types of signage and it is incredibly user friendly. Plus, it’s not just a basic set of tools.

CNC software gives operators a multi-use control panel. In other words, machine control is right at your fingertips with little to no struggle.

CNC software can produce signs seamlessly. It comes in 64 and 32 bit versions to be used with many Windows versions from Windows 7 to Vista and XP.

CNC software shows clear tool paths in real time. Commands are sent on high-speed Wi-Fi from almost any PC, laptop or tablet.

The software is effortless to configure no matter what hardware you are using.

Summed up:

  • CNC software is a user-friendly way of creating the signage you desire
  • CNC software operates on many Windows versions including Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • CNC software commands are sent to the machine from almost any computer or laptop.

What Type of Routing Machines can be used to make CNC Plasma Signs?

When it comes to routers for CNC plasma signs, you are not restricted to only one make or model.

CNC machining is vital to those creating plasma signs.

Routers can give plasma sign fabricators the facility to turn out three-dimensional signs from non-ferrous metals like aluminum. Moreover, they can do this in a twenty-four-hour turnaround from imagining the design to creating the concrete product.

New technology in routers allows for print-to-cut graphics along with misters that will make these signs an actuality in materials like aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Routers can be also equipped with pneumatic drills. These facilitate swift hole drilling. New routers also come with automatic tool changers. Thus, there is a broader selection of cutting tools.

In routers like the AXYZ CNC router there is a vision system making print to cut a smooth transition.

High-performance cameras mounted on the head of the router ensure intricate work options.

How is technology changing design to production initiatives for creators?

technology is changing design for creators

Whether you're a hobbyist or are in the business of producing plasma signs for commercial or domestic use, the good news is that technology continues to improve in routers and the software to drive them.

Here’s some more good news!

The price of these machines vital to plasma sign making continues a steady decline. That’s right! Better technology and cheaper prices.

What type of routers can you purchase on the market right now?

If you are setting out to purchase a quality router for business or pleasure, here are some you might consider:

CNC Piranha Fx


  • Triple-use tool as a 3D printer, cutter and engraver
  • Uses are aluminum or wood
  • 3D models or engrave on materials like leather
  • Incredible flexibility for switching from job to job

This CNC carving machine can be purchased online. The CNC Piranha Fx is actually a triple-use tool. It is a 3D printer, a cutter and an engraver. Using either aluminum or wood, the CNC Piranha Fx can cut circuit boards. It can also print three-dimensional models or engrave on materials like leather. This router has the incredible flexibility to switch seamlessly from job to job using modular head.

If you have a cramped workspace you will appreciate the fact that the CNC Piranha Fx doesn’t require much room.

Purchase only the heads you want now and save some money. You can add others as you need them.

CNCShop Engraver 3040T


  • Spiral flute bits increase engraving capabilities
  • Works for stainless steels, wood products, many metals and stones
  • Small and ideal for saving space in a workshop
  • Creates rapid, precise cuts

This flexible, hard-working router uses spiral flute bits to increase its engraving capabilities. It will work on materials like stainless steel, various wood products, many metals and stone.

The CNCShop CNC Engraver 3040T is an excellent router if you want to do carving. Its high-speed motor created rapid, precise cuts.

The CNCShop CNC Engraver 3040T is also a space saver for tight home workshops or small business spaces.

JFT 3040 CNC Router


  • Carving Tools
  • Works well with iron, copper, steep, aluminum alloys, wood and stone

With four-axis capability, the JFT 3040 CNC Router is a slick automatic router tool. Accuracy is guaranteed to within 0.03 mm.

The JFT 3040 CNC Router is highly effective as a carving tool. It works equally well on iron, copper, steel, aluminum alloys as well as wood and stone.

Pocket NC


  • Not for novice users or casual hobbyist
  • Cost is around $5,000 USD
  • Creates complex products in wax, wood and steel

The Pocket NC CNC router is the Lexus of CNC routers. This machine is not for the novice plasma sign maker or casual hobbyist. At a cost of nearly $5,000.00 this desktop CNC router has high capability.

Because of its power, speed, and accuracy, the Pocket NC CNC router can create fabulously complex products in wax, wood, and steel.

Why is EnRoute one of the best CNC Plasma Sign Making Software Options?

best cnc plasma sign making software

When it comes to CNC plasma making software solutions EnRoute is at the head of the class. SAi’s EnRoute offers many advantages when it comes to creating CNC plasma signs.

EnRoute offers such variations as nested-based production, precise cutting, and the ultimate in innovative designs.

EnRoute’s CAD/CAM design software offers the option of creating both two and three-dimensional plasma signs. Moreover, EnRoute software can work with many CNC routers.

Not only does EnRoute work with routers. It provides toolpathing for lasers, waterjets, plasma, and knife cutters.