SAi Flexi MUTCD is the most comprehensive Traffic Asset Collections providing the graphic assets needed to create roadway signs that conform to government and industry mandated sign standards.

Available through a digital download, this digital collection includes regulatory signs, warning signs, temporary traffic control signs, recreational and cultural area signs, pedestrian and school signs, and more.

Most importantly, the collection is fully compatible with your SAi Flexi software. The files come in a native Flexi (.FS) file format.

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MUTCD Features

The collection includes the entire Federal sign, symbol and typeface libraries so you can easily make signs for both public and private applications.

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    Complete FHWA Series 2000 Edition Font Collection

    The FHWA Series Typeface Collections make designing and creating highway signs easier and more accurate than ever before. The software collection includes FHWA 2000 Series B, C, D, E, E(m), F, and PM (Pavement Markings) fonts for use with English or Metric units.
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    Complete Clearview Series Font Collection

    The Clearview typeface system was developed to increase sign legibility and improve character recognition on highway signs while reducing the effects of halation or glow on signs that use highly reflective materials. The Clearview typeface system is the only typeface system to receive interim approval from the Federal Highway Administration for use on guide signs. The software collection includes Clearview Series 1B, 1W, 2B, 2W, 3B, 3W, 4B, 4W, 5B, 5W, 5WR, 6B and 6W fonts for use with English or Metric units.
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    Bézier Curves

    All signs are designed using cubic Bézier curves for precise corners and curved surfaces ensuring the best possible printing/cutting of sign elements.
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    Correct typefaces

    All signs use the correct typefaces with correct inter-character spacing and letter height specified in the MUTCD SHS manual.
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    Correct colors

    All sign templates use the correct Pantone® color specified in the MUTCD SHS manual.
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    All major sign components are on separate layers so you have complete control over editing and ordering of the elements.

How to Purchase

The Flexi MUTCD digital sign collection can be purchased directly from SAi or an SAi reseller

Within 5 business days of purchase, you will receive a download code via email with instructions on how to access the complete Flexi MUTCD collection.

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MUTCD Collection


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