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SA International is set to make a significant impact at FuturePrint in Brazil, the premier event for sign and print shops and the industry at large. This event presents an exciting opportunity for attendees to explore SAi’s latest offerings, particularly the new versions of Flexi software.

Among the highlights are the new Flexi Complete, Flexi Design, Flexi DTF|DTG, Flexi Print RS, and Flexi Sign RS. These innovative products are designed to cater to various needs within the sign and print industry, from comprehensive design and printing solutions to specialized packages for specific applications.
Flexi Complete is the flagship product, renowned for its robust capabilities that encompass design, print, and cut functionalities. It offers an intuitive interface and advanced tools that streamline workflows, making it ideal for professionals at any experience level. Flexi Complete includes powerful vector drawing tools, advanced color management, and seamless integration with other software and hardware.

Flexi Print RS and Flexi Sign RS are cost-effective versions of Flexi Complete, tailored to meet specific needs. Flexi Print RS provides a comprehensive solution for design, print, and contour cutting on a single printer and cutter, while Flexi Sign RS focuses on driving any cutter for direct and contour cuts. Both versions include a full suite of Flexi features such as spot color mapping, true-shape nesting, and a robust 64-bit RIP engine, ensuring high efficiency and quality in production.
Flexi Design is perfect for design-only stations, offering powerful tools for creating professional designs and artwork. It supports various applications, including stickers, vehicle wraps, and traffic signage, and integrates smoothly with other RIP software and production setups.

To experience these cutting-edge solutions and learn more about how they can enhance your business operations, visit the SA International booth at FuturePrint. Engage with experts, see live demonstrations, and discover how Flexi software can revolutionize your workflow.

For more details, visit and join us at FuturePrint to explore the future of sign and print technology!

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