Flexi: A Comprehensive Solution for Modern Sign and Print Businesses

In the ever-evolving world of sign-making and printing, staying ahead of the competition means embracing the latest technology and software solutions. For small businesses looking to maximize their resources without compromising on quality, the RS versions of Flexi Complete—Print RS and Sign RS—offer fantastic, inexpensive solutions.

Flexi RS Versions: Print RS and Sign RS

FlexiPrint RS:

Flexi Print RS is tailored for small print businesses that need a reliable, cost-effective solution for their printing needs. This version includes essential features such as:

Design and Layout Tools: Comprehensive tools for creating professional designs and layouts.

Print Management: Advanced print management features to handle multiple print jobs efficiently.

Color Correction and Management: Ensures accurate color reproduction and consistency.

Support for Popular Printers: Compatible with a wide range of printers, making it a versatile choice for various printing applications.

FlexiSign RS:

Flexi Sign RS is designed specifically for sign-making businesses, offering a robust set of tools to handle all aspects of sign production. Key features include:

Vector Design Tools: Powerful tools for creating and editing vector graphics, essential for sign-making.

Vinyl Cutting Integration: Seamless integration with vinyl cutters, supporting features like contour cutting and weeding lines.

Job Management: Efficient job management tools to keep track of multiple projects and deadlines.

Cost-Effective: An affordable solution that delivers professional-grade results without breaking the bank.

Why Flexi RS Versions are Ideal for Small Businesses


One of the most significant advantages of the RS versions is their affordability. Small businesses often operate with limited budgets, and Flexi Print RS and Sign RS provide access to professional-grade tools without the high cost typically associated with such comprehensive software suites.

Ease of Use:

Both RS versions are designed with small businesses in mind, offering an intuitive user interface and easy-to-learn features. This reduces the time and cost associated with training staff, allowing businesses to quickly implement the software into their workflow.

Comprehensive Features:

Despite their lower cost, the RS versions do not skimp on features, the only limit being the number of devices that can be driven simultaneously. They offer all the essential tools needed for high-quality design, print, and sign-making tasks, ensuring that small businesses can compete with larger companies in terms of output quality and efficiency.

SAI, a leader in providing innovative software for the sign and print industry, has once again set the standard with the latest version of Flexi Complete. This comprehensive software suite offers a wide range of features designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and ensure top-quality output.

Main Features of Flexi Complete

All-in-One Design and Production:

Flexi Complete combines powerful design tools with robust production capabilities. Users can create intricate designs using vector and bitmap tools, and then seamlessly transition to production with features like contour cutting, tiling, and nesting. The software supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility with various design and production equipment.

Intuitive User Interface:

The latest version of Flexi Complete features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies complex design and production tasks. The customizable workspace allows users to arrange tools and panels to suit their workflow, improving efficiency and reducing learning curves for new users.

Advanced Color Management:

Color accuracy is critical in the sign and print industry. Flexi Complete includes advanced color management tools, allowing users to achieve precise color matching and consistency across different media and devices. The software supports ICC profiles, spot color libraries, and color proofing to ensure optimal color output.

Enhanced Cutting Tools:

Flexi Complete provides a range of cutting tools for various applications, from vinyl cutting to contour cutting for printed graphics. The software supports most popular cutting plotters and offers features like weeding lines, cut-by-color, and overcut to enhance cutting precision and ease of use.

Efficient Workflow Integration:

Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, Flexi Complete supports direct communication with printers, cutters, and other production equipment. The software includes features like job management, barcode creation, and print-and-cut automation, streamlining the entire production process from design to final output.

In conclusion, the latest version of Flexi Complete by SAI is a game-changer for the sign and print industry, offering a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance productivity and output quality. For small businesses, the Flexi RS versions, Print RS and Sign RS, stand out as particularly cost-effective and efficient solutions, while Flexi Complete offers a more powerful option for those with bigger needs.

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