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Sign Design Elements


The largest collection of sign industry images & vehicle templates in the world. Period.

Over 12 million beautiful photos, vinyl-ready and vector graphics, vehicle templates and fonts are at your fingertips. Finding exactly what you need is easy with our best-in-class search tools.

Best of all, Sign Design Elements offers the most comprehensive collection of vehicle templates in the world. Templates are available to download in diagrammatic format with accurate dimensions – no measuring, no guesswork.

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Stock content and artwork for

Sign Design


Vehicle Wrapping


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Spend Less Time Searching

Find exactly what you’re looking for in less time. Use Sign Design Elements’ powerful AI-based search to explore the collection by keyword. Drill down further by filtering by file type, sorting your results, and finding similar images to the one you’ve selected.

Finding vehicle templates for designing car wraps has never been simpler. By using a foolproof template finder, in under 5 clicks you can download the exact vehicle model you need.

Worry-Free Licensing

All Sign Design Elements images come with a full royalty-free license for use in commercial projects and are 100% guaranteed with valid model and property releases so you and your clients never have to worry about copyright infringement.

Streamlined Workflow

SAi Flexi users can enjoy access to the SDE library directly from their Flexi software. This seamless workflow will save you time and eliminate the hassle of opening a separate web page to find and download files. It has never been easier to create custom designs within Flexi.

Sign Design Elements Library

Vehicle Templates
Super Hi-Res Photos
Vinyl-Ready Graphics
Vector Illustrations
Professional Fonts
Wrap Artwork

Subscription Plans

SAi offers easy and affordable access to the single biggest library of graphic assets compiled especially for signmakers, print service providers, and vehicle wrappers. With access to over 12 million graphics, SDE’s low monthly subscription cost is an enormous cost savings when compared to other stock image sites.

SDE 25


per month

  • Download up to 25 files per month
  • Less than the cost of downloading 1 stock image from some other sites

SDE 75


per month

  • Download up to 75 files per month
  • Ideal for new or high-volume shops

Sign Design Elements
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vinyl-ready graphics
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Sign Design Elements Features

  • Never worry about copyright infringement. All images come with a full royalty-free license for use in commercial projects and are 100% guaranteed with valid model & property releases.

  • Use keywords and filters to refine your search by file type, orientation, or composition.

  • Easily organize your selected I’mages by creating lightboxes for projects or categories.

  • Specify the region, make and model of a vehicle, search further by date and exact model type, then download your template.


Vehicle Templates: Premium quality 1:20th scale templates with 5 highly accurate views. Updated each month with the very latest vans, trucks and cars.

Super High Resolution Photos: Millions of professional photos and backgrounds covering literally every subject. Every image is high resolution and ready for large format printing. 100% royalty-free and fully released for commercial use.

Vinyl-Ready Files: Ready-to-cut artwork files for vinyl. EPS vector format for compatibility and editability across all software. No intersecting lines and minimal anchor points for clean results.

Vector Illustrations: Can be scaled to any size with zero loss of quality. EPS vector format for compatibility and editability. Thousands of backgrounds, templates, logos and textures.

Professional Fonts: Premium display fonts for high-impact, creative signage. A huge range of traditional, hand-painted and modern styles. OpenType & TrueType format.

Wrap Artwork: Ultra high-resolution files for unrivaled quality and detail (220” x 72”@100 dpi). Full side wraps, seamless textures and print & cut graphics. Files are ready for print as soon as they’re downloaded, saving you tons of time.

The SDE vehicle template finder guides you to the exact file you need in no time, letting you get straight to preparing your vehicle wrap artwork. Just choose your region (Art Station for USA, Mr. Clipart for EU), the vehicle make and model to find just what you need. Add the model year, version and number of doors if applicable to save you even more time. 

The year stated in our database is the first year the model was built. There are not outlines for every year of car production if the outline has not changed. For example: The latest model of Toyota Hiace was released in 2006 and this is the latest model because there hasn’t been a release or ‘facelift’ since 2006. Therefore if you are looking for a Toyota Hiace 2011 the 2006 version is the correct outline.

Many of the files on SDE are infintely scalable vector files. Vehicle templates are on a scale of 1:20 or 1:30. Most of the image files are available for download in small, medium, and large sizes so you can choose what works best for your needs. 

Depending on which type of file is downloaded, there are different usage rights. All images may be used in digital and print media and most images can be used in items for resale. To learn more or to read the complete user agreement, visit Sign Design Elements.

You can easily access Sign Design Elements by clicking its icon in the Flexi Cloud Window. You will be prompted to log in, this will be the same email and password that was used to create your SAi Cloud account. Once you’re signed in you’ll have access to the complete collection. 

Every SAi Cloud account automatically receives 5 free download credits. Once they are used up, they are gone forever.

In order to continue downloading files you will need to add an SDE subscription to your account. You can easily do so from this page, from your SAi Cloud account, from SAi Connect, or directly from the Sign Design Elements by clicking “Add more downloads”.

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  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 24-bit color
  • Working Disc Space: SSD with minimum 256GB, HHD with minimum 500GB working space



  • Operating System: MacOS Catalina 10.15 or later
  • RAM: 16GB
  • CPU: 3GHZ, Intel i5 or i7 equivalent
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 24-bit color
  • Working Disc Space: 512GB working disk space




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