Tailor made for CNC production, EnRoute DESIGN software for CAD CAM drawing simplifies your workflow and increases your productivity with intuitive tools that make drawing simpler and save design time.

A blend of artistic and precision drawing tools coupled with an extraordinary toolpath engine makes EnRoute the ideal CAD/CAM software for 2D and 3D design.

EnRoute DESIGN tools allow for the easy creation and editing of text, shapes, contours, and textures for all types of applications. A powerful vectorization engine creates clean, cut-ready lines and contours with precision and speed.

2D / 3D Drawing & Design

EnRoute DESIGN’s combination of precise and artistic drawing tools makes creating one-of-a-kind designs a breeze. Use its user-friendly drawing and editing tools to quickly and easily draw exactly what you need. Or use its creative design capabilities to create 3D meshes and reliefs, interesting textures and so much more.

To make things even simpler, use EnRoute’s Geometry Creation Wizards to automatically generate common objects and shapes.

Effortless Rapid Texture

With EnRoute’s best-in-class toolpathing, users can process a number of parts with very little time and effort. It doesn’t get easier when using EnRoute to import, toolpath, nest, and output.

EnRoute rapid texture used to create a baseball image

Intuitive Nesting to Save Money

EnRoute DESIGN’s intuitive nesting algorithm arranges parts on the plate to maximize material utilization.

Let EnRoute figure out the ideal arrangement, prioritize the order by part, or use Dynamic Nest to click and drag specific parts onto the plate and EnRoute will rotate and fit them in to save you material, and therefore, money.

One-Click Parametric Textures

Save time on your CAD CAM designs with EnRoute’s texture templates or use simple customization settings to use them as a starting point to create one-of-a-kind textures with ease.

Add custom textures to your templates to save them for future use. 


2D & 3D Signs
Furniture, Cabinetry & Moulding
Textured Panels
Channel Letters
And much more...

Subscription Plans

Get the most out of your CNC Router with no large upfront cost. A low monthly operating expense gets you every feature in EnRoute DESIGN software to unlock the full productivity and revenue potential of your CNC machine. EnRoute DESIGN is the perfect addition to any shop looking for stand-alone design software or another design seat to meet increasing demand and take on more clients.

Your low monthly price includes everything you need for CAD CAM Design up until you’re ready to output. In addition, SAi subscriptions feature free phone and email support, and ongoing automatic updates so you never fall behind.



per month annually, or $50.99 month to month

  • Complete EnRoute design suite with foolproof creative tools
  • Ideal for design-only stations
  • 3D and texture design tools
  • 3D mesh and object creation
  • Graphic design tools including vectorization and point cleanup
  • Draw freehand using a mouse or stylus, or choose from preloaded designs

What's new in EnRoute DESIGN?

Our team is constantly working to improve EnRoute, which means there are always new design features and fixes for its users. 

Check out some of the latest.  


EnRoute DESIGN is a design only application. It includes everything you need for CAD CAM design for a CNC machine up until the point of output.

If you require the ability to output to a machine, see the complete EnRoute subscription.

EnRoute DESIGN includes features specifically made for use on fabricated parts including Kerf marking, compensation and fill, looped corners, smart entry/exit and more. 

It is compatible with most common types of fabrication machines including plasma cutters, waterjet cutters, laser cutters and knife cutters.

Customers with SAi branded traditional licenses may be eligible to trade-up their license for a subscription at a 50% discount every month for 6-30 months.

Log into your SAi Cloud account to get started. 

Visit the SAi Help Center for a how-to guide.

We pride ourselves on great service. Subscribers have access to phone and email support and our team can even use TeamViewer to see exactly what you need help with on your own computer.

Additionally the SAi Help Center is a knowledge base of tutorials, troubleshooting, forums, and more.

EnRoute DESIGN includes some features for setting up toolpathing and establishing plans and strategies for CAD CAM drawings but does not support Automatic Toolpath processing. For more details about the features for each version see the complete feature list below or contact our sales team.

For complete ATP capabilities, check out the full EnRoute subscription which includes advanced options for outputting to a CNC machine.

We offer subscriptions to make EnRoute more affordable for you and keep you up to date with free updates.

Subscriptions also come with additional benefits including full phone and email support.

Try EnRoute DESIGN Today

Try EnRoute DESIGN free for 7 days. After 7 days trial licenses automatically convert to a subscription if not cancelled.

Hardware Requirements


  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Screen Resolution: 1152 x 854 minimum, 16-bit color or higher
  • Install space: 1GB free for base program
  • Working Disc Space: 250 GB


  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Screen Resolution: 1152 x 854 minimum, 16-bit color or higher
  • Install space: 1GB free for base program
  • Working Disc Space: 250 GB


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