Can I make my display black?

Under the Setup/Preferences/Display tab you will find all the options for colors. They are accessible by double clicking on the color to the right of the item.

Can I use Enroute on more than one computer at once?

Each EnRoute key is one license of the software and will allow the software to be used on one PC at a time. The key can be moved from one PC to another. For more than one EnRoute to be running at the same time, multiple keys would have to be purchased.

How can I import an IGES file into EnRoute?

EnRoute does not support solid formats. The solid would have to first be converted into a MESH file and them imported into EnRoute.

How do I change the Units?

Under the Setup/Preferences/Units tab you will find all the options for Length-Time-Speed.

How do I cut something that is bigger than my plate?

By selecting the Clip Toolpath to Plate located in Setup/Preferences/General tab you can output only the portion of a toolpath that is inside the plate, making separate output files for each plate section.

How do I get to a different view?

You can access the 4 view by double clicking on Top, located in the top left of the drawing area. You can toggle between Front view and Perspective by hitting F12.

How do I Pan?

Hold the Shift key and right mouse button down

How do I set up my driver in the software?

To set up your driver you need to navigate to the Setup menu and click on machine setup. Then in the bottom right hand corner click on the “Active drivers” button and a new window will appear with the driver list on the left. Select which driver matches your machine and click ok.

How do I transfer my Enroute 6 cloud license from one computer to another?

First go to the Enroute 6 folder under the Windows Start menu and click on the License manager, then click on the option to “remove license from this computer”. Then you can go to the new computer and either install the software on that computer or if Enroute is already installed locate the same license manager on the second computer and put your Activation code in order to license the second computer.

How do I transfer the preferences from one copy of Enroute to another?

Go to the help menu in Enroute and click on “Restore Settings from a Previous Version” Then navigate to the old Enroute folder and select it.

How do I Zoom?

Zoom can be done by the following: - Zoom toolbar - Wheel of your mouse Moving the mouse right or left while holding the control button and the right mouse button down

Is there a way to center an object on the Plate?

The number pad on your key board represents the positions of the plate. The number 1 being the bottom left. By selecting the object, holding the control button down and hitting either 1-9 you will position the object corresponding to the number pressed

When I import a 2D vector file, it comes in as separate line segments. Is there a way to join them?

Under the Setup/Preferences/General Tab there is a Merge Contours check box for Import or Paste. By setting the tolerances you will join the contours if they fall into that tolerance.

When I import a AI or DXF object such as text, it appears to be distorted from what it originally looked like.

Under Setup/Preferences/General Tab there is a setting for Automatic Cleanup of contours when they are imported into EnRoute. Setting this Tolerance to a lower value (e.g., .001) should prevent any distortion.