What's new in Flexi 12

Flexi 12 is a free upgrade for Flexi Subscriptions.

For release notes of Flexi 11 releases click here

Rearrange Cut Order

This features gives you full control over the order of your objects.


Choose from one of the predefined sorting methods or click the objects in the desired sequence to change their order.


The optimize start point will find the shortest route between your objects.

Animated Cut Viewer
Artwork Approval Tool True Shape Nest Cut Contour Objects

Preview how your job will be cut before you send it to your cutter.


Cut viewer will show you how and which order your files will be cut


Preview all at once or per vinyl color

Send your artwork straight from Flexi to your customers for approval before production.


Your customer will view your artwork in a web browser and will be able to add comments or approve.


Easily track and trace multiple revisions of the same artwork and which one got final approval

QR Code and Data Matrix

QR Codes are now available to non subscription users.


In addition, Data Matrix codes have been added.

Save on expensive media by using True Shape Nesting on objects with contour cut.


This feature will discard the white background of objects and will nest based on the contour cut path.

Canvas and Banner Finishing Tools
Choke and Bleed

Easily define Choke or Bleed for you spot ink channels.

Pure Hue and CleanColorâ„¢

This popular subscription feature Banner finishing tools has now been made available to all.


Improvements have been added to the fold and bleed so that mirror and repeat can be printed in the corners.  This makes it even easier to use for Canvas printing!


Pure Hue can now be applied to all Primary and Secondary colors as well as to Gray.  Better transitions with neighboring colors can be achieved.


CleanColorâ„¢ provides an alternative pure hue method. Standard pure hue bypasses color management and will keep input values as output. CleanColorâ„¢ first processes the color through ICC profiles and will then remove any channels that might have been added. This method may achieve more balanced colors than standard pure hue.