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Jan 19, 2022

3 SAi Flexi Resolutions for a Happy New Year!

Let me take this opportunity to wish all SAi Flexi users a happy and prosperous new year!

Wow, the Flexi suite has changed in 2021, and most are finding it to be even better. The reason is looking at past features and enhancing them as well as looking at issues and fixing them. Isn't that pretty close to what we all do for our own personal new year's resolution? We look at the things we did well and resolve to make those better and we look at the places where we need improvement and begin working on those things. Sometimes we make it and sometimes we fail, but the point is to have some clear resolutions and goals and strive to make them happen.

In this installment, lets select just three things, three "Flexi Resolutions" for 2022 to help make our shop better before the end of 2022.

Flexi Resolution #1: "I will learn all I can about color management features in Flexi!"

I've helped folks that use ONYX, VersaWorks, RasterLink, Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator, and yes, Flexi, with color management. I hope all of you know that its not just a Flexi issue to not match colors or to have issues getting the print results you want! It's more often a case of understanding color management in general and then understanding the options in each of these programs. So, resolution number one should be to learn more about this subject and even more importantly, learn the options and what they do in Flexi and Production Manager.

MUTOH America has in 2021 started an online learning program to assist anyone who wants to learn more about topics in the wide format printing market. One of those course is on color management and they are offering even more live webinars on the subject. How about taking a course or signing up for a live webinar?

Flexi Resolution #2: "I will use Flexi just one more time instead of another design software for something I think Flexi can't do!"

Sure, other design programs can have options or features that "seem" to be more advanced, but if you try, you may find that Flexi can do the same thing. I find this a challenge but one thing I always try is watching a video on some kind of design technique in, say Illustrator, and then I try to see if I can do the same thing in Flexi. I've seen individuals post Flexi videos that show some amazing design techniques I never knew Flexi could do! How about you, will you resolve to try to find ways to use Flexi instead of another program? Check out this blog on using Bending Modes in Flexi.

Flexi Resolution #3: "I will provide Flexi support good information for improvements and help other Flexi users online without anger!"

I know, I know, you paid good money for Flexi, and you think it should be perfect, but the fact is it's not and neither is any other design program. (Try getting hold of Adobe for support!) Look, as a user of Flexi, you really put it to the test! You try to do things that the programmers would never have thought to try. As someone who helps as may Flexi users as I can, I know there are issues, but I also know that many times the solutions are simple, sometimes they require knowing more about options and sometimes, yep, there is not a solution yet.

Look, everyone is under more stress during this pandemic and the aftermath, but anger is not going to solve an issue and sure won't help when talking something over with a tech. Be resolved to not just calm the emotions when seeking help but put your experience to work as well. Make a resolution that every time you ask for help, you give help. After asking for help, go online and see if you can personally get someone else through an issue. You'll be surprised how much more you will learn in the process, and it will make you a better user!

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't wait to teach you in 2022!

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Written by: Mark Rugen