What's New in EnRoute 6.1

Drag Knife Tool

EnRoute now has support for a drag knife toolpath that makes it easy to define your tool and then create toolpaths for cutting out complex geometry in an interesting new way.

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New Backplot

We have created an entirely new Backplot tool for previewing output before you send it to your machine. The new Backplot can display four views at a time, provides detailed cut statistics, and is fully configurable so that it can be made to successfully interpret and plot virtually any CNC output file format. Also, the text in the file listing is now color coded, making it easier to see what is going on in the output file. This is the must-use tool before you send any file to your machine.

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Job Statistics

EnRoute has a new job statistics tool that more closely emulates the movement of your machine by taking into account the acceleration and deceleration of the machine as it moves in and out of corners. You can now better calibrate the estimator to give you improved estimates of cutting time for planning and pricing.

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Order by Line

Ordering objects is now much simpler with the new Order by Line tool. It lets you define an object cutting order graphically rather than requiring you to click.

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Group Order

It is now easy to set the order of objects in a Group as another way to control the cutting order of toolpaths. Just select objects in the order you want them to cut and then create a group. When you copy the group, the order of the group comes with the copy too.

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EnRoute’s new ability to utilize a hotfolder for creating output files can help speed up production for users who are able to take advantage of automatic file naming and sending output to a predefined output folder.

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