Flexi is the only sign program that offers an all-in-one solution for designing, printing and cutting for print/sign providers. For sign-specific design tools as well as RIP and print, direct vinyl cutting and print and cut capabilities, Flexi is the industry standard and is used by 3 out of 4 shops.

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Why Flexi Subscription?

Full access to all Flexi software features icon

Full access to all Flexi software features

Affordable monthly operating cost icon

Affordable monthly operating cost

Free phone and e-mail technical support icon

Free phone and e-mail technical support

Keeps you always on the latest version icon

Keeps you always on the latest version

Drive up to 5 printers simultaneously icon

Drive up to 5 printers simultaneously

Access to SAi Business & Production Tools icon

Access to SAi Business & Production Tools

Subscription Plans

Flexi is now more affordable than ever with only a small monthly operating expense rather than a large upfront cost.

per month annually, or A$79.99 month to month


  • icon Complete solution for designing, printing, cutting and print & cut
  • icon Fast and powerful 64 bit RIP engine
  • icon Drives up to 5 printers and cutters simultaneously
  • icon Includes all Flexi features such as Spot colour matching, true-shape nesting, and banner finishing
  • icon Find My Font tool detects best matched fonts in images within seconds
  • icon Artwork Approval tool for instant customer approval
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per month annually, or A$44.99 month to month

Flexi Design

  • icon Ideal for design-only stations
  • icon Includes all design-only features
  • icon Send jobs to remote Flexi production manager, Photoprint or other RIP software, including Versaworks, Rasterlink and Onyx
  • icon Easily edit vector and other image types
  • icon Easy-to-use interface
  • icon Add a variety of cut lines with just a few clicks
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Subscription Add-ons

Build your business and expand your offerings with add-ons that enhance your design & print software Flexi subscription.



Open up a whole new and profitable market for carved signs or channel letters. Making beautiful acrylic or v-groove signs has never been easier.
Per month for 100 downloads

Flexi Sign Design Elements

Reduce your design time with our collection of sign-ready design elements including vectorised graphics, high-resolution images, cut-ready files and vehicle wrap templates.

Hardware Requirements

Windows macOS
Operating System Windows 10+ MacOS Catalina 10.15 or later
RAM 16GB - 32GB 16GB
CPU 3GHz, Intel i5 or i7 equivalent 3GHz, Intel i7 or i9 or equivalent
Screen Resolution 1920x1080 resolution, 24-bit color 1920x1080 resolution, 24-bit color
Working Disc Space SSD with 256GB or more. HHD with 500GB working space or more. 512gb working disk space
Internet Broadband Broadband
NOTE: Internet connection required for cloud window features and services as well as license activation
Installing on a Mac using parallels or bootcamp is not recommended and not supported.

Additional Flexi Information