Woodworking & Cabinet Making

For wood & cabinet shops, time and material translates into profits. SAi develops CNC software for woodworking solutions with this in mind. Our easy-to-use software saves you time during the design. Our realistic simulation tools allow you to check jobs for accuracy prior to production.

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EnRoute CNC software is ideal for all types of woodworking applications, including inlays, curved mouldings, textured panels, 3D millwork or cabinets.

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EnRoute Auto Toolpath Software (ATP) is the CAM connection of choice for many of today’s leading Cutting Cabinets and Kitchen Design software solutions. After the initial setup, EnRoute ATP's ease-of-use, nesting performance and economical price will process files in a few clicks of a mouse.

Supported Programs:

  • KCD
  • All Master Software
  • 3D Kitchen
  • Cabinet Solutions
  • Pathfinder 3D for SolidWorks
  • TopSolid Wood
  • AutoCad DXF
  • Pattern Systems - 20/20
  • Cabinet Sense
  • Extreme
  • FlexiCabs
  • InteriorCAD
  • KitchenCAD Pro
  • Pytha
  • RouterCAD
  • ShopLINK
  • Boxster