Can I use Flexi on more than one computer at once?

Each Flexi key is one license of the software and will allow the software to be used on one PC at a time. The key can be moved from one PC to another. For more than one instance of Flexi to be running at the same time, multiple keys would have to be purchased.

Every month my subscription stops working and I have to call support to get it working again

The cloud requires admin privileges to be able to check our servers every month, so first verify that you are a Full Admin so that Flexi has permission to do the check every month. Second thing to check is that you may have a Anti-virus or firewall that could be blocking to communication to our servers. Make sure you set exceptions in all firewalls, and anti-virus software to make sure that Flexi or Enroute can connect to our servers.

How do I know if I have the latest version of the software for my Flexi or Enroute Subscription?

To check if you have the latest version open your software and go to the help menu and click about. For Enroute you will see a File version, and for Flexi you will see a build number. Then go to and login using your cloud account credentials, click on the software ID number that matches the software you are checking and on that page you will see a build number or file version. If the numbers in Flexi and Enroute match with what is in the cloud account that means your all up to date. If they don’t then you can download and install the new update.

How do I transfer my Flexi 12 Cloud license from one computer to another?

First go to the Flexi 12 folder under the Windows Start menu and click on the License manager, then click on the option to “remove license from this computer”. Then you can go to the new computer and either install the software on that computer or if Flexi is already installed locate the same license manager on the second computer and put your Activation code in order to license the second computer.

How to install ICC profile for Epson SC- S series?

Please visit this page on our Knowledge Base for a detailed explanation.

I don’t have any ICC/Output profiles. Where can I find those?

In your Flexi software on the right hand side there is the cloud window that has some buttons for shortcuts to our website. The yellow one that says “printer profiles” will take you to the page where you select your printer and download the profiles we have. You can then go to the rip and print window in Flexi click on the 3rd tab, select the output profile dropdown box and select add. Then navigate to where you saved them and Flexi will add them in if they are compatible.

I just installed my Flexi software and added my printer, but the colours aren’t coming out right

The first two things you need to check are in the Rip and print window under the Advanced options tab(3rd tab). In this tab you want to make sure that first drop down box is set to “Use Color Correction”. Then the second step is to check the output profile list, and if there are no profiles there you will need to add some that you have store on a old install of Flexi or ones that you have downloaded from our website.

What are the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for Flexi 12?

Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7
RAM 1GB Minimum, 4 GB or more recommended
Screen Resolution 1152 x 854 minimum, with 16-bit color or higher
Install Space 1GB Free for base program plus extra install space for ICC Profiles
Working Disk Space 4 GB

When I launch Flexi, it says the subscription license needs to be updated. What should I do?

If you are getting this kind of message the first thing you want to do is log into your cloud account at and click on the license that you are having trouble with and make sure your subscription date is not expired. If your subscription is expired then the payment for that month may not have been processed. Click on the manage button and click on update payment information and you will be able to update your payment details.

When I try to install the software, I get a “cannot connect to cloud due to a proxy” error and it asks me to set up my proxy settings

If you get a message asking you to setup your proxy settings while attempting to download or install the license to the software this does not mean you need to enter any proxy settings. This error means that you have something on your computer or network that is blocking the software from accessing our servers. Check your Anti-virus software, Windows firewall, and Windows defender to make sure you have set exceptions for Flexi or turn them off completely for a short period of time while you download and install the software.

When printing or cutting, Production Manager shows a “Cannot Open Port” error

Depending on how you have your printer/cutter connected you will need to verify that you have the correct port selected in the Production manager software. If it’s a TCP/IP connection then make sure the IP address matches. If it’s a USB Then make sure that you have installed all the USB drivers from the manufacture and you have selected the correct USB connection inside production manager.

Will Flexi run on a Mac?

Flexi is a Window’s based program only.