SAi software meets the needs of many different types of general manufacturing and fabrication businesses with its combination of creative and production tools. Our CNC software is suitable for a variety jobs, such as:

  • Plastic/Acrylic Cutting
  • Automotive
  • Job Shop
  • Aluminium/Metal Cutting
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Boat Production
  • Display/Exhibits
  • Prototyping
  • Hero Image

    Recommended Products

    Monitor with logo

    EnRoute Fabrication

    All the creative and production tools you will need for your Plasma, Laser, or Waterjet machines. Powerful 2D drawing and vectorisation tools make creating decorative and graphic parts simple. Automatically position parts for common-line or daisy chain cutting and save remnant pieces as templates for future use.

  • Easy Kerf Compensation
  • Smart Entry/Exit
  • Advanced True Shape Nesting
  • Autoprocessing of Layered DXF Files