Can I use Enroute on more than one computer at once?

Each EnRoute key is one license of the software and will allow the software to be used on one PC at a time. The key can be moved from one PC to another. For more than one EnRoute to be running at the same time, multiple keys would have to be purchased.

Every month my subscription stops working and I have to call support to get it working again

The cloud requires admin privileges to be able to check our servers every month, so first verify that you are a Full Admin so that Flexi has permission to do the check every month. Second thing to check is that you may have a Anti-virus or firewall that could be blocking to communication to our servers. Make sure you set exceptions in all firewalls, and anti-virus software to make sure that Flexi or Enroute can connect to our servers.

How do I know if I have the latest version of the software for my Flexi or Enroute Subscription?

To check if you have the latest version open your software and go to the help menu and click about. For Enroute you will see a File version, and for Flexi you will see a build number. Then go to and login using your cloud account credentials, click on the software ID number that matches the software you are checking and on that page you will see a build number or file version. If the numbers in Flexi and Enroute match with what is in the cloud account that means your all up to date. If they don’t then you can download and install the new update.

How do I set up my driver in the software?

To set up your driver you need to navigate to the Setup menu and click on machine setup. Then in the bottom right hand corner click on the “Active drivers” button and a new window will appear with the driver list on the left. Select which driver matches your machine and click ok.

How do I transfer my Enroute 6 cloud license from one computer to another?

First go to the Enroute 6 folder under the Windows Start menu and click on the License manager, then click on the option to “remove license from this computer”. Then you can go to the new computer and either install the software on that computer or if Enroute is already installed locate the same license manager on the second computer and put your Activation code in order to license the second computer.

How do I transfer my preferences from one copy of Enroute to another?

Go to the help menu in Enroute and click on “Restore Settings from a Previous Version” Then navigate to the old Enroute folder and select it.

I get an OLE error message when I try to start EnRoute. What should I do?

Right click on the Enroute shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

What are the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for EnRoute 6?

Operating System Windows 7, 8, or 10 || Processor Minimum: i3 or equivalent Recommended: i7 || RAM Minimum: 4GB Recommended: 8GB+

What type of bitmap files does EnRoute support?

EnRoute can import Bitmaps and JPEG formats. Microsoft Paint can be used to convert most image files into BMP’s or JPG files.

What types of 3D MESH files can EnRoute work with?

EnRoute can import 3D DXF Mesh files, STL files and 3DS files.

What types of files can EnRoute import?

The following is the list of current formats EnRoute 5.0 supports: Adobe Illustrator 6 (*.AI) Adobe Illustrator 10 (*.AI) Windows Bitmap (*.BMP, *.JPG) CasMate (*.SCV) AutoCAD DWG (*.DWG) AutoCAD DXF (*.DXF) EnRoute 2x (*.ENR) Encapsulated Postscript (*.EPS) FlexiSIGN 5x (*.FS) HPGL (*.PLT) I-Script (*.iscript) Onyx XML (*.xml) STL (*.STL) STL (*.STL) to Relief 3D Studio (*.3DS) ModelMIll Relief (*.MMR) ModMill Object (*.mmo) G-Code Scan (*.cnc) WoodWOP.VARIANT (*.MPR) PDF (*.PDF)

When I open Enroute 5 I get an error message saying: “Wrong feature file”.

This message means you have not installed the password for Enroute 5 and you will need to open the password application that is in the Enroute 5 folder and input the password.

When I open Enroute I get a message that says: “Security Initialisation Error, key not found”.

Make sure that you have your hardware dongle plugged in and that they key lights up green. Also make sure that you have installed the correct password that is tied to that key.

Will EnRoute run on a 64-bit operating system?

Yes, EnRoute 5 and greater will run on 64-bit operating systems.

Will EnRoute run on a Mac?

EnRoute is a Window’s based program only.