Can Box and Display be added to Flexi?

Box and Display is not available as an option for Flexi or Flexi Subscription.

Can Box and Display use Production Manager from a Flexi install?

Yes, if Box and Display is installed on the same PC as a full version of Flexi 12 or Flexi Subscription, you can use the Production Manager from the full install to send a file from Box and Display to the printer or cutter.

Does Box and Display output to a cutting device or a large format printer?

No, Box and Display is a Design Only program that will create a AI/PDF file or DXF. Whatever software is currently being used to output to the cutter or printer would send the files created by Box & Display to the machine.

How is Box and Display Related to Flexi?

Box and Display is based on the Flexi, and therefore includes a design only version of Flexi as part of the program with each license. On top of Flexi is the Box and Display Parametric Design engine that allows templates to be easily resized and modified. After the contours for a given design have been created, the Flexi part of Box and Display can be used to add graphics to the design. This ability is only available via a license of DisplayGenie.

How many templates are there?

Box and Display currently includes over 260 starting templates. These templates include ECMA (thin carton stock) templates, FEFCO (corrugated) boxes, and many displays items as well as furniture and decorative templates. There is a complete library of all Box and Display templates that installs with the program.

Is Box and Display available via subscription?

No, Box and Display is only available for purchase as a traditional license at this time.

What formats does Box and Display output?

Primary output formats for Box & Display is PDF, AI, EPS and DXF.

What is Box and Display?

Box and Display is a stand-alone design program that will allow users to select a design from the template library, change the dimensions and material type, and then create contours to cut out the desired box. The end result of working with Box and Display is an AI/PDF and/or layered DXF files.