EnRoute is a CNC CAD/CAM software that provides 2D and 3D design and toolpath capabilities for CNC routers, lasers, plasma and waterjet cutters. It is the go-to CNC software for everyday cutting, nested-based production and creative design applications including cabinet and furniture creations and designs.

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Why EnRoute Subscription?

Full access to all EnRoute software features icon

Full access to all EnRoute software features

Affordable monthly operating cost icon

Affordable monthly operating cost

Free support and access to updates icon

Free support and access to updates

Subscription Plans

EnRoute is now more affordable than ever with only a small monthly operating expense rather than large upfront cost.

per month annually, or $117.99 month to month

Enroute Complete

  • icon Complete solution for 2D, 2.5D, 3D routing and engraving
  • icon Includes design, toolpath and output capabilities
  • icon 64 bit engine
  • icon New ATP processor
  • icon 3D surface cutting
  • icon Auto toolpath
  • icon Rapid texture with ready-to-use templates
  • icon Draw freehand using stylus or mouse
  • icon Vectorization converts artwork to line and contours
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per month annually, or $47.99 month to month

Enroute Design

  • icon Includes all design capabilities of EnRoute complete without output file creation
  • icon Ideal for a secondary or home workstation
  • icon Draw freehand using stylus or mouse
  • icon Vectorization converts artwork to lines and contours
  • icon Precision editing tools
  • icon Advanced nesting for efficient use of materials
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per month annually, or $57.99 month to month

EnRoute Fabrication

  • icon For use of CNC plasma and water jet machines
  • icon 2D drawing
  • icon Vectorization tools
  • icon Makes decorative and graphic parts simple to use
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Traditional license products are also available

We pride ourselves on developing a CNC CAD/CAM software for sign making and digital finishing solution that is creative, easy to use, mathematically accurate and well supported. When you are ready to buy there are just a few options and product levels to consider. Review the levels below and speak with one of our sales representatives who can answer your questions and make certain you have the correct EnRoute product level for your needs.

EnRoute Pro

Recommended For
  • 3D Surface and Textures
  • Relief Editing
  • Rapid Texture/Picture

EnRoute Pro is our most powerful version and the complete solution for most applications, including 3D millwork, 3D signs, textured wall panels and other 3D work. Features EnRoute’s exclusive Rapid Texture tool. Easy-to-use drawing and parametric design tools take you from concept to finished product in less time.

EnRoute Plus

Recommended For
  • 3D Engrave/Prismatic Letters
  • Complete Nesting Suite
  • Remnant Creation

EnRoute Plus includes 2D toolpathing and 2.5D toolpathing such as 3D Engrave (Internal & External), Follow Contour, Pyramid Tool, and 3D Clean Pass on Fills and Routing Offsets. These tools allow EnRoute to do 3D V-groove carvings, put a beveled edge on shapes and do sharp inside and outside corners. The 3D Toolpath Simulation engine allows you to preview the 3D Engrave functions. EnRoute Plus is a solid solution for any production shop looking to get into signage, graphics and nested based cutting with any material.

EnRoute Basic

Recommended For
  • 2D Cutting
  • Inlays/Push Through Letters
  • Vectorization

EnRoute Basic is a complete 2D CNC CAD/CAM software program that provides an easy to use graphic interface for drawing shapes and applying 2D toolpaths. EnRoute Basic’s design tools provide a combination of precise and graphic drawing methods to meet both engineering/CAD and artistic drawing needs including shapes, arcs and lines, vectorizing, point editing, advanced text tools and Braille conversion, Parametric Design macros, contour and part distortion, and much more.  

EnRoute Fabrication

Recommended For
  • Plasma & Water Jet Machines
  • 2D Drawing and Vectorization
  • Kerf Compensation

EnRoute Fabrication gives you all the creative and production tools you will need in the metal fabrication industry. EnRoute Fabrication’s powerful 2D drawing and vectorization tools make creating decorative and graphic parts simple. Automatically position parts for common-line or daisy chain cutting and save remnant pieces as templates for future use. EnRoute Fabrication does not support CNC routers or include 3D design tools.

EnRoute ATP Option

Recommended For
  • Cutting Cabinets
  • Kitchen Design

EnRoute Auto Toolpath Software (ATP) is the CAM connection of choice for many of today’s leading Cutting Cabinets and Kitchen Design software solutions. After the initial setup, EnRoute ATP's ease-of-use, nesting performance and economical price will process files in a few clicks of a mouse. Supported programs: KCD, All Master Software, 3D Kitchen, Cabinet Solutions, Pathfinder 3D for SolidWorks, TopSolid Wood, AutoCad DXF, Pattern Systems - 20/20, Cabinet Sense, Extreme FlexiCabs, InteriorCAD, KitchenCAD Pro, Pytha, RouterCAD, ShopLINK, Boxster.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Professional
RAM 4GB 8GB or more
Screen Resolution 1152 x 854 minimum, with 16-bit color or higher
Install Space 1GB of hard drive space
Working Disc Space 4 GB
NOTE: Internet connection required for cloud window features and services as well as license activation

Additional EnRoute Information