Find My Font

Never lose time trying to find a matching font again. Find My Font will identify fonts within a few seconds and give you a list of fonts that resemble your input image. Not only will you find the font that matches the image but you will also find fonts that are similar or close to what you’re looking for, scouring your computer and the internet for those fonts.

Find My Font is a free add-on tool for Flexi subscribers, one per Cloud account.

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Shop Management

Managing your business is a challenge – keeping track of customers, preparing quotes, entering orders and tracking jobs – so SAi came up with simple solutions that will save you time.


A free tool available to all Flexi users that makes it fast and easy to prepare an accurate PDF quotation that you can send to your customer. You can prepare quotes from your desktop or your mobile device, so you never have to lose out on business.


When you upgrade to SideKick you get all the convenience of QuickQuote plus an easy way to organize your accounts, one-click order creation, job flow tracking and a project management system. SideKick is a shop manager’s best friend, providing all the tools you need to effectively manage your sign and print operations. Purchase SideKick for only $49.95 a month.

QuickQuote is a free add-on tool for Flexi users, one per Cloud account. SideKick is a paid tool that is available as a standalone product or an add-on to your current software license.

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Easier Job Quotation with the MyFlexi app

Create custom job quotes in seconds while on-the-go, with the free MyFlexi companion mobile app for Flexi. You setup the pricing rules and can see all quotes created from your mobile app or desktop web browser.

Get the app here:

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See your signs in reality through this free app from SAi. Transform your customer experience with VirtualSign, a mobile virtual reality app that enables you to virtually place Flexi sign design in any space before starting production.

VirtualSign app is free on the app store, one login per Cloud account. Get the app here:

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Faster Job Approvals with Artwork Approval Tool

Get customer approvals quicker and increase your production speed. You can send artwork to your customers directly from Flexi. They will receive a link to a webpage where they can approve the design or make notations and send it back to you for additional revisions. Then, simply send the job to Flexi Production Manager.

Artwork Approval is a free tool for Flexi users, one per Cloud account.


Flexi subscribers can now enjoy the design power of a web-to-print solution without the complexity & expense of a full e-commerce system. Sketch is a free online design tool that Flexi subscribers can share with their customers to simplify their design-to-production workflow by allowing customers to create their own custom designs with ease.

Sketch is a free add-on tool for Flexi users, one per Cloud account.

Get Design Elements

Speed up production time to just minutes when you have access to over 6.5 million sign-ready graphics that includes vector illustrations, textures, corporate logos and vehicle wrap templates. Only available to full Flexi subscribers, never start from scratch and conveniently use Flexi Sign Design Elements within your Flexi software.

Flexi users gets 5 free Sign Design Elements a month per Cloud account. Get 100 downloads for only $14.95 a month.

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Expand your Capabilities with +EnRoute for Flexi

Open up a whole new and profitable market for carved signs or channel letters. Making beautiful acrylic or v-groove signs has never been easier than with Sai +EnRoute for Flexi. This new Flexi add-on is an ideal solution for sign shops that want to cut thicker, more rigid materials using designs that were created in Flexi.

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Grow Your Business with Design Licenses

SAi offers low-cost month-to-month subscription plans for design-only licenses, for both Flexi and EnRoute With these licenses, you can add additional design stations during peak periods, then cancel them without penalty when demand drops. Perfect when you hire a new designer or need to work from home.

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