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Feb 11, 2021

What to Look for in a Good Vinyl Cutter Software

By now you know that a vinyl cutter can be used for a variety of things, both for your business and for personal at-home needs and hobbies. We’ve seen them used for everything from signage, car wraps, apparel, stickers, and more. It can be a powerful tool used to add another dimension to your business or even to kickstart a new business or online shop. Your vinyl cutter, however, would be worthless without good vinyl cutter software. If that makes sense to you but you don’t know where to go from there, keep reading. We’ll list several qualities that you should look for when searching for the best vinyl cutter software.

Simple Workflow

One of the most important things you want in a good vinyl cutter software is a simple workflow. Print and cut, contour cutting, and perf cutting are essential vinyl cutting functions but are not the easiest things to learn how to do. The last thing most people want to do is get into the weeds with setting different blade depths and pressures, redoing contour cuts and wasting material, manually eliminating line segment overlaps, etc. Finding a vinyl cutter program that makes that workflow as easy as possible is key to your success.

Robust Design Features

Part of having a simple workflow is starting with great design features. Many people who struggle with cutting vinyl are only struggling because they are creating designs in a separate program from their vinyl cutter program. Having an all-in-one vinyl cutter software that allows you to create simple to complex designs, then seamlessly create contour cuts and send to your vinyl cutting machine will make your job a lot easier. Some design features that you may want to look for are:

An animated cut viewer so that you can preview what your design will look like before they are sent to your vinyl cutting machine.

A large range of fonts is always a great feature to have if you are wanting to produce interesting and unique creations.

Automatic Welding features are very useful for creating contour cuts while you design so that you do not have to worry about manually inputting them later or your cutter trying to overlap cuts and ripping through your material.

Transparency features can be some of the most useful when designing for cutting vinyl. This is a tool that many designers use often and if it’s included in the design portion of your vinyl cutting software, there is no transferring your file back and forth between different programs.

Advanced Nesting Features

The biggest expense of operating a vinyl cutting machine is the material you use. That’s why it is important for your vinyl cutter software to have smart nesting capabilities. If your software has advanced nesting features it will automatically arrange the objects you are cutting to be as close together as possible without touching. Take a look at this video example to see how nesting can save you material and money.

No Extra Plugins

This one should be an industry standard but we see many programs that frustrate vinyl cutting beginners because they have to continually download new plugins to start cutting in their software. You may be tempted to believe that downloading extra plugins really will ‘enrich’ your software but by and large it just complicates your job. Look for a vinyl cutter software that is all-in-one – meaning you won’t have to download additional plugins to take full advantage of the program.

Customizable Cutting Settings

After you’ve designed, set your contour cuts and are ready to send to the cutter, you’re going to want your vinyl cutter software to have customizable settings because each project will be different. These settings will be some of the most useful for you:

A Weld option will simplify your workflow and save you time by ensuring your cutter will understand that it should not count your design overlaps as cut paths – in a good vinyl cutter software this should be a one-click operation.

Saving settings presets is a great feature to help you avoid changing the same settings for jobs that you are cutting multiple times.

Adding/changing intuitive weed lines such as weed borders and having the ability to change from vertical to horizontal weed lines will save you time and irritation when you are weeding your vinyl.

Changing cut order can also be very useful in maximizing the efficiency of your vinyl cutting machine.

Why Flexi is the Best Vinyl Cutter Software

Flexi software was created with vinyl cutting in mind. It’s loaded with amazing features, including all those that were listed above, and it’s designed to be as easy as possible to understand. This vinyl cutter software is great for both beginners and more experienced users and compatible with the over 2,000 machines (click here so see a list of supported cutters).

SAi Flexi software is a powerful all-in-one print and cut solution for vinyl. It makes what can be a difficult process very simple, with an easy-to-understand workflow, great design features, customizable cutting settings, and our best-in-the-industry nesting features, SAi Flexi software is the ultimate vinyl cutting solution.

When it comes to learning how to get started or even how to learn more as an expert, Flexi has a wide range of video tutorials, free monthly webinars, other live video training, and options for personalized one-on-one training that you can choose from. What’s more, we offer free technical support by our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team by phone and email.

Flexi, the most complete vinyl print and cut package in the industry, is available as a subscription for a low monthly cost. That means you’re not paying more than you’re comfortable with up front for something that you may end up not using, like other programs. It also means that you’ll get free updates whenever they are available so your vinyl cutter software will never be out of date. Learn more here.

And the best part about it all? You can get a free trial to see for yourself how Flexi works. Get started with the best vinyl cutter software on the planet by clicking here.