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Nov 04, 2019

What is RIP software?

While your first guess might be that RIP means “rest in peace” that isn’t the case in the manufacturing sector. RIP stands for a raster image processor. This is a component of the printing industry. You might know the term “raster image” as a bitmap. Raster images are used in a later step of printing to create a print product.

In its first use, a RIP was a rack of electronic hardware. This component received the page description through the interface. It then generated a product called hardware bitmap output.

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What Does RIP Do?

  1. First, a page description language is translated into an internal representation of each page. Most RIPs process pages one at a time. After a page has been outputted, it is discarded. You are then ready for the next page.
  2. Next, this representation is turned into a bitmap. In RIP software steps one and two often occur at once.
  3. In order for printing to occur, the continuous-tone bitmap must be converted into a halftone image. This looks like a dot pattern. This is done through one of two screening methods: amplitude modulation or frequency modulation.
  4. The resulting product is sent to the printer or print network.

What is RIP Software?

RIP software is a very specialized driver. It was developed specifically for use with a printer. It can bypass other computer programs and send instructions directly to the printer. Although a technician is on hand to troubleshoot, the printer’s instructions come directly from the RIP software.

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RIP Software Basics

The easiest way to explain RIP Software is to have a computer technician walk you through a demonstration. RIP software changes vector images into high resolution raster images on your printer. RIP software’s main job is to create the specifications for the client’s product. Think of the software like a driver for your printer. RIP software provides a trained computer operator knowledgeable in computer aided design with prepared products and the option to create unique, custom-made print designs. The software gives you much greater control over the quality and detail of print graphics.

Why is RIP Software Needed?

With RIP software, you can match the existing design color. The software allows for correcting colors. The software bypasses the standard printer driver. You can nest multiple images in a single layout. RIP software lets you send the print job to several networked printers simultaneously.

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Who Needs RIP Software?

If you have a business that requires color labels, banners, flyers, brochures or other promotional print materials you need RIP software. If you run a company that makes print materials for clients then RIP software will make your business more competitive. RIP software will improve the quality and efficiency of your printing.

If getting colors just right and producing crisp designs would benefit your business then having the ability to print digital color labels and color label press makes RIP software an appealing acquisition.

Not sure if you could benefit from a RIP software upgrade? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact an SAi representative.

RIP Software Applications

RIP software can design all sorts of print materials in a wide range of sizes. You can use one of the many prepared designs in the software package or create your own unique products.

With RIP software and compatible hardware, you can do offset printing, Flexo, digital, commercial, packaging, labels, banners, posters, signs, brochures, flyers and dozens of other applications for advertising and marketing clients.

Issues Involving RIP Software

Like any other software program, RIP software is only as good as the data it is given. Although most programs are very user friendly, RIP software cannot correct human error or oversight. Other problems that may occur include things like:

  • Image did not go to the printer
  • Colors are off
  • Image is not clear
  • Only one RIP opens at a time
  • Unable to select the correct cutter
  • Design is off
  • Image waits too long to print or image prints too soon
  • Cut is inaccurate

In most cases, a computer technician or a design technician can correct these problems.

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Why SAi for RIP Software?

There are many reasons why SAi RIP software is a good choice:

Competitive Costs

SAi RIP software is reasonably priced. It is available as a subscription to keep costs lower for your business. Since SAi RIP software is compatible with most printers on the market, you will not have to pay for new printers, or switch software, when you upgrade.


SAi RIP software has a wide range of options for novice to experienced users. You can use only the elements you need to start and diversify later by adding tools as you need them. SAi RIP software has a modern design and layout.


SAi RIP software interprets data to avoid problems encountered by older RIP processors. SAi RIP software handles features like transparency accurately and cleanly. Errors that waste time and material are thus avoided.

Worldwide Access

Client files can be accessed from anywhere in the building or around the world. Cross platform compatibility and internal security allow experienced operators to control the job from their workstation anywhere.

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SAi RIP Output can be Sent Several Devices

With SAi RIP software it is not necessary to change your print hardware. SAi RIP software is compatible with most print and cut machines. Moreover, if you are repairing, updating, or replacing machinery the software can send the data to another device so there is no work slowdown.

SAi RIP Software Free Email and Phone Support

With an SAi RIP software subscription you can rest assured that if you ever have an issue or a question, we will be there to help you with free email and phone support. We do our best to make easy to use RIP software.