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Feb 10, 2020

Waterjet Cutting Software

First, specialized software is used to create a computer-assisted drawing. The software allows technicians to use their files or files provided by the waterjet cutting software. These include hand-drawn files, printed designs or designs included within the software’s selections.

Designs used by skilled computer-aided design technicians range from simple to complex. The software can use anything from simple sketches to detailed drawings including two and three-dimensional objects.

Once the design has been created, the drawings are then processed or uploaded to the waterjet cutting machine. The result is a highly accurate, efficiently executed cutting design product with minimum waste.

Waterjet Cutting Software Brings Designs to Life

  • Up to 90,000psi pressure used with water & fine sand cut 2D & 3D designs
  • Eliminates the need for custom tooling since the software can follow any design

In waterjet cutting, the software creates two and three-dimensional designs that are then used to direct water jet nozzles. At nearly sixty thousand psi pressure, a stream of water and fine sand are issued precisely from a nozzle to cut out the design. The abrasive water and garnet slides through almost any material.

Waterjet cutting software allows skilled craftsmen to cut efficiently from detailed computer-assisted designs. Waterjet cutting works can cut an extensive range of materials.

Additionally, waterjet cutting technology provides remarkably good edge quality. The process leaves no burrs. Plus, the need for secondary finishing is often eliminated.

In the cutting process, waterjet machines generate no heat. No matter how delicate the material, the edges are unaffected. Cuts occur with no distortion. Custom tooling is virtually eliminated. Waterjet cutting software offers an economical way of completing short and long runs.

How Does Waterjet Cutting Differ from Other Types of Cutting?

  • Heat is not needed in the cutting process
  • It can cut a wide range of materials and levels of thickness
  • Waterjet cutting is precise and extremely accurate

When using other forms of cutting, some fragile materials cannot be cut without distortions or warping of the material. When you are working with fragile or delicate materials, cold cutting using water, not heat allows cutting of substances that would normally crack or melt.

With waterjet cutting, there are no burrs to be removed like that of laser jet cutting. This makes the process faster and more economical. Thus, there are savings in labor costs. This translates to money in the customers’ pocket.

For small to medium runs, waterjet cutting is an appealing cutting alternative. Waterjet cutting offers a solution that is affordable and accurate.

The easy-to-use software produces a precise design from which waterjet cutting machines receive clear cut instructions. Precise software ensures that waterjet machinery lasts longer and performs more efficiently.

Uses of Waterjet Cutting

  • Ideal for the fabrication of machine parts
  • Used not only for cutting but also for reaming and shaping
  • Industries most used are: aeronautics, mining and medical

Waterjet cutting is ideal for the fabrication of machine parts. It is used in specialized industries as well as plants that produce specialty parts.

Waterjet cutting applications are used in not only cutting but also reaming and shaping. In such industries as aeronautics, mining, and creating medical instruments, waterjet cutting is often the preferred method.

When it comes to cutting pieces and parts, waterjet cutting software can create shapes and parts with flawless precision while minimizing maintenance time. The software’s auto-feed technology ensures that water jet models work more efficiently and last longer. These machines can cut a wide range of materials from wood to steel, stone, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, ceramic, plastic, Plexiglas, foam or copper, and more.

Examples of Waterjet Cutting Applications

With waterjet cutting technology, you can cut precise, intricate shapes and parts that are flawless. Waterjet cutting software ensures that cutting time is minimized and maintenance is shortened.

When it comes to cutting shapes and designs, skilled computer-assisted designers are limited only by their imagination. With waterjet cutting, you can create designs that vary from simple to highly complex. So two and three-dimensional signs, channel signs, decorations, logos, industry fittings in a wide range of materials are highly feasible. You can cut anything you want from the material you desire.

Moldings, railings, fittings, floor inlays and intricate latches can be crafted using waterjet cutting. Wood and metal furniture, chairs, tables, and cabinets can also be cut using waterjet technology.

Types of Projects where Waterjet Cutting is Best

Waterjet machines are equipped with dynamic heads. This precise technology allows a wider scope than simple two-dimensional cutting. Nozzles deliver up to 90,000 psi pressure from powerful pumps. The result is an accurate machining that controls kerf. The process produced a virtually taper-free cut about +/-.005.

  • Waterjet cutting technology works on a wide range of materials. Industry applications are limitless.
  • Waterjet cutting is an ideal process for doing flat patterning, cutting two-dimensional parts.
  • When a wide variety of materials are being used, waterjet tools cut without heat affecting materials or creating metallurgical conversions.

Waterjet cutting is ideal when cuts require clean edges with no warping or clean-up. Large fabrication cutting is possible because of the speed and accuracy with which waterjet machinery cuts. Fragile pieces can be cut safely without fear of warping, melting, or breaking.

Waterjet cutting technology works well in parts with a Chromoly between .032" and .125". When precision and uniformity of cutting are vital, waterjet cutting is the best option.

Why SAi EnRoute is the Best Waterjet Cutting Software

When it comes to turning your creative ideas into concrete, practical pieces of machinery, or works of art, you can trust SAi’s EnRoute waterjet software solutions. EnRoute immediately comes to mind when you want to produce creative computer-aided designs and cut them efficiently from almost any material imaginable.

Produce any design with SAi EnRoute waterjet cutting software.

EnRoute’s waterjet cutting process is the answer to a great variety of industrial products. Because waterjet cutting involves no heat, it can cut materials that would warp, melt, or crack under normal cutting procedures. Moreover, because of the speed and precision, there is little need for costly, time-consuming secondary machining operations.

EnRoute’s CNC machining software produces accurate, intricate two and three-dimensional products when combined with highly accurate waterjet cutters. The software is very user-friendly. It can be combined with a variety of waterjet cutting machinery.

Small industries or hobby businesses may find SAi’s EnRoute subscription service to be more cost-effective than purchasing waterjet cutting software. For more information, read more here.