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Apr 29, 2019

Using RIP Software for Screen Printing

A good RIP software is crucial to quality screen printing designs. When you use a Raster Image Processing (RIP) software other than the baseline package provided with your brand new printer, you are able to unlock top performance from that device.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what RIP software screen printing.

What is RIP Software?

Raster Image Processing (RIP) software is designed to be installed and used with both regular inkjet printers and large format printers. Although most printers have some kind of driver or RIP software installed for basic printing needs, a more efficient and optimized software is needed to really produce quality printing on your device.

Quality RIP softwares are designed to make workflow more efficient, speed up functions and recreate colors more closely. It’s especially useful for industrial printing or high-volume media printing for several reasons, including:

  • RIP Software processes print files more quickly than your standard printer drivers, meaning printing jobs are completed much quicker
  • RIP Software efficiently processes large printing files, which prevents the printer from slowing to handle huge images and files
  • The software also stores files easily, which is crucial for reprints and large printing runs
  • The software can have multiple user profiles and connect to multiple printers, allowing several users to work with the software at once

Although RIP software is a smart investment for any company that prints in large volume, it’s particularly helpful for screen-printing.

Screen Printing RIP Software

RIP Software for Screen Printing

When screen printing designs on t-shirts or other fabric based products, you can usually get away with a basic driver for printing two-tone, flat images. However, if the design you’re screen printing involves nuanced shading and multi-color components, then you’ll absolutely want a quality RIP software to execute the design.

This is because RIP software for screen printing offers you much more control of halftones, which are the tonal elements that lend realistic detail and shading to your design. Elite RIP software also offers color matching capabilities, to make sure the color elements in a printed product perfectly match the branding guidelines of your customer.

Choosing the Best RIP Software for Screen Printing

It’s pretty clear that RIP software is an investment that pays for itself if you intend to produce high-quality color prints or screen printed items. However, deciding which one to invest in can be tough. It also depends on your unique needs as a company.

Here are some things to look out for when shopping for quality software:

  1. It’s compatible with your device - some RIP software packages are designed for use with only certain brands of printers or operating system. Depending on what your company uses most often, this is something to check carefully.
  2. It allows for more than one user - If you own a full-scale printing business, this is key to getting the most mileage out of your software and increasing efficiency. Single users won’t have to worry about this factor as much.
  3. Install is as easy as possible -there are several versions of RIP software that come with a dongle to insert on your printer, and several that are cloud or network-based. Choose the one that is easiest to set up to make yours - and your teams lives - easier.

RIP Software Screen Printing

SAi Flexi

Our Flexi tool is - like its name implies - one of the most flexible RIP software systems available. You can create a variety of printed products with Flexi, including vinyl signs, banners, large format printing, and of course, screen printing! Whether you produce a range of printed products and media from your shop or studio, or simply specialize in screen printing, Flexi is a major asset.

Our RIP software makes color matching and adding detailed half-tones as easy as possible. It also stores the files for multiple users on a cloud-based drive and can drive up to five printers at the same time - that means no work will be affected by slow printing jobs or taking turns.

Paying for Flexi is pretty flexible, too! Our service is subscription-based, which means you can pay for the software month to month or as an annual fee. If you just need the FlexiDesign software rather than the entire package, we offer subscription rates for that too!

Because our program is cloud-based and based on a subscription model, your software receives automatic updates as soon as they come out. Your computers won’t be bogged down by extensive install files either - the cloud ensures the minimum amount of space is taken up on your device.

Learn more about Flexi RIP Software for Screen Printing.


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