SAi partners with Stiles Machinery to develop EnRoute ATP for Homag woodCAD/CAM software users featured image
Jun 06, 2018

SAi partners with Stiles Machinery to develop EnRoute ATP for Homag woodCAD/CAM software users

EnRoute ATP software delivers cost-effective integration for automated nested manufacturing applications

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing and CNC machining industries, has announced a new collaboration with Stiles Machinery. Stiles’ woodCAD/CAM software customers can now use EnRoute ATP (Automatic Toolpath Processing) software to generate code for Homag CNC routers and machining centers.

Established in 1965, Stiles Machinery, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a member of the Homag Group, and an industry leader in manufacturing. Among its products are machines and software for parametric flatbed CAD/CAM manufacturing. WoodCAD/CAM is an integrated software for 3D design and manufacturing used in automated manufacturing of furniture, cabinetry and home furnishings.

EnRoute ATP software has been developed with Stiles for smooth integration with woodCAD/CAM software to enable efficient tool-pathing, nesting, and output for nested-based manufacturing (NBM) applications.

Entire job processing in just three mouse clicks

“EnRoute’s automatic toolpathing, True Shape Nesting, and generation of G-code for parts designed and produced with woodCAD/CAM provide an efficient and surprisingly quick way to process large numbers of parts in an automated woodworking production environment,” said Luke Benik, EnRoute Director of Business Operations, North America, SAi. “EnRoute ATP can process an entire job designed in woodCAD/CAM with as few as three mouse clicks.”

Stiles’ woodCAD/CAM software generates layered DFX files that incorporate instructions for machining operations (drilling, milling, and cutting). Using EnRoute ATP, operators use a pre-defined ATP strategy and the software automatically applies toolpathing to each layer of the DXF file. Then using Block or True Shape Nesting, output files and printable labels are quickly created.

EnRoute ATP software delivers cost-effective integration for automated nested manufacturing applications

Streamlined and automated manufacture of woodworking applications

The software and hardware integration made possible with this initiative will enable companies – who could not previously afford to – to streamline and automate the manufacture of a wide variety of furniture, kitchen units and cabinetry for a multitude of commercial and domestic uses. By ensuring optimal use of materials through effective nesting, lean, low-waste manufacturing can be achieved cost-effectively, and make businesses more competitive.

“EnRoute ATP offers sophisticated toolpathing for 3D designs to be processed and executed at a lower entry cost, opening new application opportunities for smaller companies or one-off jobs,” explained Scott Cruickshank, Director Software Solutions, Stiles Machinery. “We see the collaboration with SAi as a first step in a lasting relationship that will enable both companies to reach new customers and enter new markets.”

EnRoute ATP is available in three packages as affordable subscription-based license: EnRoute Complete Subscription [$89.95]; with EnRoute Plus 6 with ATP [$4995]; or EnRoute Pro 6 [$6495].

“These options make EnRoute ATP accessible to the largest number of businesses and will help to extend ownership of both SAi software and Stiles Machinery software and equipment,” Benik said. “The combination of the versatile software with the flexibility of access to EnRoute ATP is expected to draw companies into 3D design for automated nested-based manufacturing with woodCAD/CAM and Homag equipment.

“We hope that the collaboration that made this new EnRoute offering possible will be repeated for integration with other Stiles Machinery software and equipment,” Benik concluded.


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