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Jun 10, 2019

Retail Sign-Making Software

If you are looking to get customers coming in the door of your business, quite often the best and safest bet is a well-designed retail sign with a catchy and strategic message.

While the message is always a very helpful part in making an enticing sign, so is how it’s made and what it’s made of. There are many ways to make a retail sign, but the best and most accurate way is through the use of retail sign-making software.

What are Retail Signs?

These are any kind of visual graphics that are displayed to communicate information in order to persuade receivers of the merits of a given service or product.

What are Retail Signs Made Of?

The substrates used to make retail store signs are of many types. There are only a few high-quality ones that you need to know, each of them has its own benefits that can match your preferences and requirements.

Types of Retail Signage Materials Include:

  • SBS Paperboard (solid bleached sulfate) - This is a paper-based sign substrate that is completely made of bleached chemical pulp. It's lightweight, inexpensive and great for indoors/windows, but only lasts for a month or so.
  • Vinyl - This is the most preferable retail sign substrate. All credits to its durability and reuse-ability. The material is weather resistant which makes it great for outdoors. Its best for long term promotions, grand openings, trade-shows and so on.
  • Static /window cling -This is a thin paper-based material that makes use of static electricity (on window surfaces) to be fixed. They are mostly used indoors (on windows) to promote a sale, new products, and other store special events. It's a short term sign.
  • Styrene - Styrene signage is made completely out of polystyrene. Durability is its specialty and it can be reused, that is, after proper care and maintenance. This material is best for indoor use, not so much for outdoor use, as it's not weather resistant like Vinyl. Styrene signage material can be used in making framed, finding, hanging and menu signage.

Retail Sign Making Software

What are Retail Sign-Making Software Applications?

These are applications that operate in tandem with vinyl lettering machines and vinyl cutters to make several types of retail signage and auto stickers/banners.

How Does it Work?

Sign-making software applications measure out or create coordinates of the images and words given. It then sends the coordinates to the vinyl lettering machine or vinyl cutter for printing and cutting out of signage.

The procedure of sign-making may be the same for most applications but the features possessed by such applications vary widely.

For instance, some sign-making applications have a platform that can assist you from the initiation of designs until the end. Other sign-making software applications require the use of other applications to design images or words before it is sent to the sign making software for editing and processing.

Once the sign-making software creates the coordinates of the images supplied, the information will then be sent to the vinyl lettering machine or cutter. The vinyl cutter will use the data gotten from the sign making software to cut suitable vinyl sheets. As for a vinyl lettering machine, the letters and contours will be printed out on the banner ads.

Examples of retail signage that can be made by a sign-making software:

  • Vinyl lettering - it consists of lettering, numbering, and shapes which are individually cut out from a sheet of solid colored, 2-mil of vinyl. The letters, numbers, and shapes will work on windows, walls, storefronts and on the side of vehicles (cars, trucks...etc).
  • Pole banners - these are banners that are usually displayed between two poles on lamp and light posts. It is substrate that consists of 18 oz vinyl which makes it waterproof, UV safe and high resolution. It is best used for seasonal promotion.
  • X-stand banners - this is a lightweight banner that consists of 13 oz vinyl. Durability is its strong suit as it can last longer due to the vinyl sign, fiberglass and aluminum stand. It's easy to set up. It can be used for presentations, business meetings, conferences, book signings and so on.

Sign Making Software for Retail

SAi’s Sign-Making Software Applications

SAI offers two software applications for the design, editing, and production of retail signs - Flexi and EnRoute.


SAi offers Flexi which is an all-in-one solution for all your printing, designing and cutting requirements at an affordable monthly operating price. It is the type of sign-making application software that assists you right from the initiation of designing to printing and cutting of vinyl sheets.


SAi offers EnRoute which turns your ideas into a reality as it is a CAM/CAD software that gives a unique combination of 2D and 3D toolpath capabilities for tools we have available such as CNC routers, knife cutters, lasers, plasma, and water jets.

Designing Retail signage couldn’t get any better with SAi’s EnRoute customizable material library and simulations which are performed before cutting begins.


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