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Sep 03, 2019

Raster Image Processor (RIP) Software

Even the most inexperienced users can sync up new desktop printers to their tablets, laptops or computers. It’s usually as simple as opening the box, plugging it in, and loading the paper in the tray. The printer magically picks up Wi-Fi and installs the driver. Your only job is to push print.

What is a Raster Image Processor?

Large-format or wide-format printers are more difficult to manage and setup. First, they are much larger physically so installation is not quite as simple. In fact, many semi-seasoned users take hours ensuring their large-format printers are functional and operational.

Enter the raster image processor (RIP). This page translation algorithm, while it sounds complicated, is simply a hardware or hardware/software combination that reformats graphic source files, like vectors, to printable formats. Any graphic images—let’s say, for example, a poster or certain fonts—are rasterized and pushed to a printer as a series of simple, readable commands.

This file, coded with individual color-tagged addresses, is transformed into ink dots, also called bitmaps.

Large-format printers apply ink dots to produce an image of what you have created within your software. Think of the product as one big bitmap. RIP software tells your printer’s printheads what color to print, where, and what intensity to use.

Uses of Raster Imaging

Within this sophisticated, but user-friendly software, are potentially limitless tools and processes.

If you are a company or an independent artist who makes posters, banners, images, and signs, with RIP this just got a lot easier. Each print is a replica of the original, thanks to this amazing software. Making large artistic products is more accurate and less labor-intensive with Raster Image Processing Software.

Any product that comes out of a large-format or wide-format printer including paper, textile, or vinyl products can be created through RIP, combined with compatible cutting tools.

Examples of Businesses that Use Raster Image Processor Software

Why not use software that accompanies your large-format printer?

Types of business that benefit from RIP, include:

Several types of businesses can make effective use of RIP.

Perhaps you have an in-house print service or you’re involved in digital marketing.

Using only the software on your printer does not allow you to use the full range and capabilities of your large-scale printer. With Raster Image Processor Software (RIP), you can change how your printer and computer work together.

If you run a company that produces advertising and promotional products in large proportions, home décor products such as drapery, wallpaper, upholstery, then your company can improve the quality of its products, producing exact copies quicker and with less labor.

Why SAi Flexi is the Best Raster Image Processor (RIP) Software Option

What makes SAi Flexi RIP software your company’s best choice?

1. Consistent High Quality
When it comes to excellence in the printing process, the RIP is a vital component. With Flexi RIP software, you can control such variables as screen pattern, resolution, and color. The quality of the software determines the excellence of the output.

If you want consistency in long-run productions and uniformity in thousands of reprints, Flexi is your best guarantee for customer satisfaction in your product.

2. Budget-Friendly Alternatives
Some RIP packages work with print and cut tools. You can use these combinations to do custom work. This speeds up the cutting process and makes it more accurate. Some RIP machines even indicate trim or grommet marks.

Ask about Flexi’s subscription package. This makes our RIP software very affordable.

3. Perfect Color Matching Every Time
SAi’s Flexi RIP software allows your company to turn out professional-grade color images. Every product is the same high quality as the thousands of others in your long-run print job. Each has a vivid, consistent color.

  • With Flexi RIP software, the printed colors match your screen creation. What you designed is exactly what will be produced.
  • Print jobs are consistent no matter which computer they come from.
  • Colors are rich and stand out to viewers.

4. Workflow Speed
Flexi Raster Image Processor Software revolutionizes how printers receive data. The result is a faster workflow. Flexi RIP cuts print time to a fraction of the time the process formerly required. Faster workflow and consistent quality production translate to client satisfaction and bottom-line cost savings.

  • With Flexi RIP software, it takes less time to set up and to print.
  • The largest, full-color products are smoothly handled.
  • While one image is being printed, Flexi RIP software can be processing the next one on the same device.
  • Flexi RIP software saves processed print data so that, if you need to do additional runs, the data is ready to use.

5. Eco-Friendly

Since Flexi’s RIP software produces consistent, uniform print jobs, you can create high-quality products every time. There is no need for trial-runs or discarding multiple projects. This reduces wasted materials and machine overuse. Therefore, costs in power, materials, and labor are greatly reduced. This translates to an environmental win.

6. Versatility

Flexi software offers an all-in-one process, from creative design to print and cut. Additionally, Flexi is used by 75% of all sign and print businesses in North America. Thanks to high client satisfaction, Flexi has become the industry-standard for sign-specific design tools, RIP software, print-and-cut software, and direct vinyl cuttingTo combine activity from original creations to finished-product output with completely compatible hardware and software, trust Flexi.

7. Customer Satisfaction

If your company makes ample use of wide-format digital printing, then you will definitely want to invest in Flexi’s Raster Image Processor Software. Ultimately, it will automate your printing and product process. It will speed up workflow and thus save you money. But, most importantly, your clients will be impressed by the color and accuracy of finished products and the speed with which you are able to fulfill orders.

With Flexi’s RIP software, you can even keep meticulous records. This avoids mistaken billing and client dissatisfaction over their invoices.

For more information on how Flexi can help streamline your production, maintain high-quality output, and keep your costs down, click on


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