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Oct 31, 2022

Flexi Utilities That Can Save You

Flexi Utilities You Might Have Missed

You may not have ever used them, but did you know that there are a few Flexi utilities that can save you if used properly? In this blog, I’ll cover what they are and how to use them to protect yourself and your jobs.

What Are They?

The first place to look is in the Windows Folder that hosts these utilities.

1.Click the Windows Start Menu
2.Find the SAi Production Suite Folder

In addition to your programs, you should see Install Manager, Job Monitor, License Manager, and Preferences Manager. So what are these?

Install Manager
Make sure the software is closed before making any changes in Install Manager.

Use this tool to:
Change the language of your software.
Create shortcuts on the desktop.
Clear all preferences (restore to factory defaults). This can also be done from Preference Manager.

We will cover Preference Manager momentarily, but this utility can be used to send shortcut icons to the desktop when you lose them or to set language preferences, or even to clear preferences, which sets Flexi back to a condition as if it were just reinstalled.

Use this when you just want to “start over” so to speak. Of course, you will have to reinstall your printer driver, and using this utility will delete all your custom preferences, so the next utilities should be used first! Preference Manager and Backup.

It’s crucial that you backup your settings in Flexi if it has been working properly. In Flexi 22 this is easy to do by using the included backup feature. Just open Flexi and go to Edit and Preferences, then choose backup.

Now just make sure you select all the options and back it up. Simple!

After you begin to make changes, you can always go back to a previous working condition by restoring your settings. I suggest you do this right from the start, so you have a good working backup.

Using Preference Manager
Preference Manager is a utility that allows you to save all the settings in the software to a file, including all output device setups, setup properties, default job properties, and all application preferences.

To run Preference Manager, exit the software first and then browse through the Windows Start menu to the software's program folder and click Preference Manager.


Save all current preferences under a new name


Delete the highlighted preferences


Export the highlighted preferences to a file you can save to any location. Use this for creating additional backups or for transferring preferences from one computer to another.


Import a preference file that was previously exported.


Loads the currently highlighted preferences


Closes Preference Manager

Name the Preferences that you save with something like the date or a special name that will help you remember the settings.

License Manager

Finally, we come to License Manager. Sometimes, you just must reinstall a new computer or maybe move from the office to the house so you can work at home.

License Manager is a utility that allows you control over your software license. It launches automatically at the end of an installation to retrieve your license.

To access license manager, click Start, choose All Programs, SAi Production Suite Cloud , and then License Manager.

Software ID:

The unique identifier of your software license.

License Type:

Types of licenses could be subscriptions, perpetual (version license), or trials.

Expire Date:

If your license is a subscription, this is the day of the renewal. If your license is a trial, this is the day that your trial will expire.

Licensed On:

The date the license was created

Computer ID:

Identifier of the computer your license is attached to

With License Manager you can:

Check For License Updates

This option checks to see if your software has updates. If any updates exist, the Cloud server automatically updates your computer's license and sends the message "Your license has been updated" to the License dialog box. If your computer's license is already up to date, you receive the message: "Your license is already up to date."

Import a License File

If for some reason you are unable to download the license file onto the computer requiring it, you can obtain the file from the SAi Cloud using another computer and transfer the file to the required computer by a flash drive or other removable storage device. For more information, see Installing the software on a computer with no internet

Remove License from This Computer

Use this option whenever you need to remove your product license or change it to a different computer. For detailed instructions, see Moving your license to another computer

So What Now?
First, back up your settings! Next, go to Preference Manager and save your preferences. Finally. Get some Flexi training! Come on you know you need it. Learn to do more with Flexi! There are lots of places to get the right training: – Flexi training online and more. – Get live assistance from Flexi pros - YouTube videos

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About the Author
Mark Rugen is known as the world’s foremost expert in Flexi software. He is currently the Director of Education for MUTOH America. Mark has over 35 years of experience in the sign and print market and has operated two successful sign shops.