Direct to Garment (DTG) & Direct to Film (DTF) Printing featured image
Jun 22, 2023

Direct to Garment (DTG) & Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing
Direct to garment printing, often known as DTG printing, is the method of using a computer to transfer a digital image to a specialized printer that jets ink directly onto a textile or garment.

The way direct to garment printing operates is different from traditional screen printing in that you can swiftly print intricate images in numerous colors thanks to the relatively new technology. The print heads of a DTG printer spray CMYK ink and opaque white ink onto the surface of a garment. The ink dries and clings to the fabric by being heated, keeping the print in place.

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing
Direct to film printing is an even newer addition to the garment/textile printing industry. The process is slightly different from DTG in that, as the name implies, the design is not directly printed into the material but instead printed on a film before being transferred using a heat press.

The most notable advantage DTF has over DTG is that it allows you to print on most any type of fabric, such as polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex, cotton, etc. In DTG printing the only reliable material to print on is cotton.

SAi Flexi Software for DTG/DTF Printing
Direct to Film and Direct to Garment printing is one of the fastest-growing segments in our industry. Flexi 22 software for DTF DTG printing makes it easier than ever to diversify your business. A new, expanded feature set in Flexi simplifies artwork design and file preparation for DTF DTG printing, streamlining your workflow and saving you time on each job.

Benefits of SAi Flexi for DTF DTG Printing:

Easy to Use Interface
All DTF DTG tools are conveniently organized under one tab, so you won’t waste time scrolling through menu bars to find what you need. User-friendly dialog boxes allow you to quickly make changes to your artwork files. With Flexi, you spend less time preparing jobs and more time printing.

Versatile White Ink Workflow
White ink is an integral part of DTF DTG printing but can tricky if you don’t have the right software. Flexi gives you different workflow options for generating white layers quickly and easily. Whether you are working with .PNG or .TIFF files that have transparent backgrounds or artwork that contain no white at all, Flexi gives you the tools create transparencies, add masks, and assign white output channels with just a few clicks. For more precise output, you can also use Flexi to create multi-layer artwork with white on a separate layer from spot colors. Flexi gives you the versatility you need to easily handle different types of files without wasting time.

Higher Quality Prints Using Ink Removal
Everyone loves graphic tees, but no one wants a stiff, heavy print on their shirt. If you have a large print, you can give it a softer feel by using Flexi’s special DTF|DTG feature to “Remove Data in Texture Patterns”. This feature allows you to add squares, circles, or dash lines to your pattern. You can adjust the size and spacing of these elements to so less ink is deposited, giving your prints a high-quality, softer texture.

Less Material Waste – Preview Before You Print
Ink and media are expensive, which is why you want to make certain your job is set up correctly before you print. Flexi lets you preview each output channel within the Production Manager interface. Not only can you see how the white layer will print but you can also adjust the white ink density using a simple slider. With these Flexi tools, you can make certain the job is right without wasting ink and media.

Best of all, our textile design and printing software is available on a low-cost monthly subscription plan that easily fits your budget.

Want to try before you buy? Get a 7 day free trial of SAi Flexi DTG DTF printing software here.