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Jan 21, 2021

Creating COVID Floor Graphics with Flexi that Sell

I know you're saying, "Not another blog on COVID graphics!" I get it, but this is not about COVID graphics, it's about sales! “WHAT?...” you say. Let me explain.

Do a quick search on Google for "COVID Floor Graphics". Here is what I came up with:

Could you ask for anything more boring?

What if I could show you how to create more interesting COVID floor graphics and even use them to SELL PRODUCTS? Okay, now read on….

Forget the Circles and Squares Already

Seriously, how about something else besides a circle or square, and how about something besides footprints. We are designers, I am sure we can come up with something a bit more interesting. And here is a thought, if someone is going to be standing on our design waiting to move to the next place in line, why not make your graphic sell something?

FlexiSIGN and Print can help you design a COVID floor graphic that can actually help you sell.

Flexi has the Tools You'll Need for a Great Design

Creating a great design that not only meets safety needs but also sells product is not hard with Flexi. Let's start with shapes. Which do you find more interesting?

Let’s start with the two rectangles. These are vectors and Flexi allows you to easily weld them into a combined shape. Once done we can add some content that will sell. To create any combination of shapes, just draw them, overlap them, select them, right click and weld.

Using Flexi QR Codes to Sell

Flexi has a text to QR code feature that can be used to allow your COVID floor graphic to sell. Here's an idea, add a QR code message that anyone with a smartphone can use that says "Get 5% off if you wait patiently, just show this message to the cashier" or "Ask for your free Coke at the register". You could even change the floor graphic out once a month or once a week to keep it fresh.

Try it yourself. Just point your smartphone camera towards the QR code. It will open your browser with the message, but that message could be a webpage, a text message or more.

In Flexi, just type your message, go to the text menu and change it to a QR code making sure you choose the type you want as seen in DesignCentral above. Change the floor graphic out once a month to further engage with your customers and increase sales.

Here is a video tutorial showing how to create this Covid floor graphic.

Sell More

Imagine all the cool designs and codes you can use to create COVID floor graphics that sell. Your customers will want more and more! Did you use Flexi to implement this technique for your business? Tag us on social media to show us your ideas.

Want to know even more? Attend one of Mutoh’s webinars. Find out more at or You will not be disappointed!

About the Author

Mark Rugen is the world's expert FlexiSIGN instructor. He has been in the sign and print market for over 35 years. He is an expert in FlexiSIGN, color management, Adobe products and much more. He offers much of his knowledge and experience in webinars, videos, and other learning tools. Mark is currently the Director of Education for MUTOH America. MUTOH America is the leading manufacturer of wide format printers.