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Oct 18, 2019

Contour Cutting Software

Contour cutting is the act of cutting around the outer edge of a hand-drawn, computer-generated or pre-printed image.

Once you’ve created an image or drawn a picture on a piece of paper or board, your next challenge is to cut it out. You might do this with a pair of scissors, an X-acto knife or a small cutting saw. The important thing is to make your cut clean for the outline of the illustration. This is usually referred to as contour cutting.

The kind of contour cutting that is done commercially often involves cutting vinyl. Thanks to technology, few people in the business of sign making would be cutting images by hand.

Instead of scissors, knives, or saws, today’s contour cutting technician would use state-of-the-art contour cutting software.

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How Does Contour Cutting Work?

Today, most vinyl cutters have laser/optical sensors. These are able to detect darkness and light. The vinyl cutters take that information along with the data that is sent from the contour cutter software and plot the cut path outlining the image to be cut.

Uses of Contour Cutting

Contour cutting is used to make decals, signs, and advertising boards. In fact, there is no limit on the uses of contour cutting software except your imagination.

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1. Clothing Design:

Create clothing pieces and cut them with a contour cutter. Team shirts, original fashion designs, pennants, and other clothing articles are yours with just a contour cutter and a heat press.

2. Decals, Signs, and Stickers:

With a contour cutting software you can create office door signs, safety reminders, decals to advertise your brand and cool stickers.

3. Woodworking Projects:

Use contour cutting to create signs, room and door decorations, birdhouses, dollhouses, playhouses, rocking horses, children’s toys and craft items.

4. Party board:

Create signs or symbols. Decorate plain boards on which friends and relatives can write a wedding, birthday, anniversary or get well message.

5. Design wall:

Make kids’ room or classroom walls more interesting with decals or stickers, outlines of stars, sun, moon or favorite movie characters. Tough vinyl signs never fade and even brighten a room. Using contour cutting software you can create your own design wall.

6. Calendar creations:

Help keep your family, organization, office, or classroom on schedule and informed with a dry erase vinyl calendar.

7. Design our own cards:

Use contour cutting software to create an original card. Then using a vinyl roll and printer to create multiple copies of your unique seasonal or special occasion messages—complete with a photograph.

8. Operation projects:

Use vinyl signs to demonstrate your project. You can create building models, signboards, or panels. Double-sided adhesive will make it easy to place your signs in strategic positions or to construct models.

9. Save on Electronics:

By using a contour cutter to make silkscreen labels you can have acid-resistant signs. With a do-it-yourself sticker circuit, you’ll save energy.

10. Building decorations:

Your whole office, school, courtroom, gymnasium or sports center can zing with excitement when you add signs, poems, door labels, directions, bios, photos, and other useful information.

Contour Cutting Challenges

In the world of contour cutting software, things can go wrong because of a simple operator error. The wrong information may get fed into the software. Even though software like SAi Flexi is user-friendly, a novice operator or one that isn’t paying attention can make mistakes during the computer-aided design stage.

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Machines aren’t infallible. A “mark scan error” may occur. This happens when the cutter’s sensor doesn’t detect the registration marks and fails to cut an accurate cut path.

There may also be an inaccurate or undesirable contour cutting accuracy.

We all strive for projects without errors. In truth, if the cutter is properly calibrated the machine can be expected to perform to a 1/16” accuracy. While this isn’t 100%, it is highly accurate.

The majority of contour cutting problems require an adjustment of the contour cutter, the software, the operator’s design or the interface between software and hardware.

Unfortunately, some contour cutting software companies fail to provide client support. This can result in poor operator designs because of a lack of training. It may be that software or hardware or the interface between the two needs fine-tuning. Without reliable ongoing customer support, contour cutting software packages can be very frustrating. Delays, poor production, and wasted materials can all be very costly to a contour cutting business.

Why Use SAi Flexi Software?

In order to streamline your production, design tools are critical. SAi’s Flexi software offers a wide range of user-friendly design options for contour cutting. SAi’s Flexi software will speed up your job completion and turn out high-quality contour cutting no matter the size, complexity, and demands of your project.

There are a lot of reasons to choose SAi Flexi cut software.

  • SAi Flexi cut software is capable of sending your original computer-aided designs to either a printer or a cutter.
  • It is user-friendly and provides enough scope so you can grow with its software possibilities. You can start out as a rookie and develop your skills all with the Flexi software package.
  • Flexi cut software offers a variety of contour cut options.
  • The contour cutting business is extremely competitive. You want a price competitive software option so you get the best return on your investment.
  • SAi Flexi cut software provides a wide range of features all within one software package.
  • At SAi Flexi, we are committed to providing client support through our expert technicians, YouTube videos and one-on-one training. We know you can’t afford to waste time or materials. We work hard to make sure you do not experience costly disruptions, mistakes, or repeats on your jobs.
  • Our software offers you a one-step design process. With Flexi, you can use our designs and adapt them to your specifications, or create your own original artwork. Then you can print, and cut all with one software package.
  • Your Flexi subscription provides you with all the features you will ever need—all at a reasonable price that fits your company’s budget.

When it comes to cutting software, SAi Flexi software is an ideal solution.


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