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Sep 09, 2021

Blending Modes in Flexi

Blend Your Way to Creativity

I'm an Accidental Artist
Yep, I have absolutely no creative thinking in my brain. But I can use some design features in Flexi to become an accidental artist. What I mean is, I can use a few options together and sometimes, completely by mistake come up with something that looks cool!

I this describes you, then join me in a good read about blending options in Flexi, and if you ARE an artist, maybe try a few of these options to make something worth buying!

What Are Blending Options
So, Flexi sign software, like other design programs such as Photoshop have a few built-in blending options. A blending option is a way to take two graphics and blend them together into a new graphic.

Let me jump right into this. Here are two images and then those two images combined using a bending option called Darken with the design features in SAi Flexi.

All I did was mask old Darth, and placed him behind the golf course, then selected both images and using the Fill/Stroke Editor, changed the Lens to Darken.

Sometimes I need a little Darth when I'm golfing.

To be more specific, I used Flexi's Bezier path tool to create a path around Darth. Then I selected both the Darth image and the vector and using the right mouse button, choose mask. That resulted in just Darth. Now I moved Darth UNDER the golf course and then after selecting both I used the FILL/STROKE editor and in the last tab, I changed the lens to Darken. Not bad for an accidental artist!

You can use all kinds of images and just blend them using different options until you find one that works. That's the thing about Flexi sign software, you can try options and undo them or redo them until you find something that looks good! Don't forget you have filters like bightness, contrast, levels, saturation, hue, and if you have some bitmap plugins like EyeCandy or others, you can get even more creative. And now that Flexi 21 is a 64-bit design software, you can use the 64-bit Adobe plugins! (Flexi 12 or 19 users get the 32-bit version of Adobe plugins.)

I could keep going, and probably should, but I'll leave it up to all of you real artists out there. Needless to say, once I get what I want, I will want to print it, and of course Flexi is the top choice in my book for sign, print, and RIP software!

Download a Free Guide to All Blending Modes in SAi Flexi
Here is a great resource for learning more about the blending options in Flexi. It's a little document I wrote for you, and I'd love for you to download it.

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Until next time, this is your accidental artist, Mark Rugen.