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Feb 17, 2020

Best Vinyl Cutter Software

While most vinyl cutting machines come pre-loaded with vinyl cutter software, they’re not always user-friendly, adaptable, or robust. And having the best vinyl cutter software can really enhance how businesses are able to design and move to produce more effective and professional products.

If you’re curious about what qualifies as the industries leading vinyl cutting software, take a look at all of the features and details below. Housing solid, dependable technology can really drive more business growth whether you’re making t-shirts, cards, decals, packaging, and more. Find out what the best vinyl cutter software there is on the market.

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What is Vinyl Cutting?

Vinyl cutting is a type of computer-controlled design, print, and cut process. Small vinyl cutters resembling desktop printer, control a nozzle. Through designer commands of vinyl cutting software, the computer controls the movement of a sharp blade. This blade travels over the surface of the vinyl material following the design commands fed into the system by the operator’s use of vinyl cutting software.

This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic called vinyl. Check out this video of a vinyl cutter in operation:

How Does Software Streamline the Process?

Thanks to technology, there is little to no wasted material. The software designs accurate products. Following the design commands, the cutter makes smooth, accurate cuts so no products are ruined by false cuts.

Designers can create their own original designs or use the templates provided in the software package. Designers do not need to make time-consuming hand drawings. Having created or selected the designs they want, technicians can then print their designs and feed the data directly to the vinyl cutters. The cutters follow software commands and cut the design accurately.

This smooth all-in-one process is speedy and accurate. It eliminates human error and cuts labor costs significantly.

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What Products Can Be Created Using Vinyl Cutting Software?

With vinyl cutting software, companies are limited only by designer imagination. With this software, your company can create labels and stickers. Imagine glow-in-the-dark stickers near light switches.

You can create signs, posters, and labels for your workspace offering directions and information to employees and visitors to your company.

Your company can create acid resist patterns and silkscreen labels.

You can prepare stencil vinyl and plastic sheets to use for creating signs and posters, or for chemical etching on glass or metal, or sandblasting on wood.

Vinyl signs can be placed on buildings as marquees and storefront signs. Your company’s brand and products can be advertised through vinyl posters, banners, billboards, signs, and pennants. Let potential customers see your company’s name and logo on storefronts, taxi rear windows, door signs, and bus ads.

Vinyl cutters will cut other materials too. With a vinyl cutting software and cutter you can make:

  • Three-dimensional objects
  • Car, van, and bus wraps
  • Electronic circuits
  • Decals
  • Wallpaper, wrapping paper, decorator tiles
  • T-shirt transfers
  • Signs of all sizes and shapes.

For ideas on how to grow your business using a vinyl cutter watch this video:

What is Important to Know about Vinyl Cutting Software?

Vinyl cutting isn’t just about making neat crafts and signs. It is the process of creating a design using a software program. The design is then sent to the vinyl cutter. Using the commands it receives, the cutter will cut out your design using a blade on sheets of vinyl or other material.

Vinyl cutters look and act like printers. However, they don’t use a pen. They reproduce your design using a blade to cut your design into vinyl or other materials.

The vinyl cutter software exports your creation from the computer to the vinyl cutter. Movements of the cutter blade are controlled by the directions of the software program.

Vinyl cutters can cut your designs from vinyl as well as paper, cardstock, tissue paper, thermal transfer material, and foil. Some vinyl cutters will emboss your designs on wood and metal or etch it on glass or plastic.

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Why is Software Support Important?

Whether the issue is a problem with the hardware, a software problem or a human error, without support designers are going to avoid new software and/or hardware when they hit an obstacle.

Learning to use new software or hardware is frustrating and intimidating unless you have a mentor who is knowledgeable and available.

With good support at a click or phone call away, new materials and techniques are manageable and approachable. IT support also provides maintenance and troubleshooting for owners and designers.

Things can go wrong. It may be a simple operator error. Maybe the wrong information was sent to the cutter. Perhaps there is a glitch in the software. SAi software is highly user-friendly. But, mistakes can be made. Novice operators would throw their hands in the air and abandon the program never to return. Thanks to IT support staff, problems and be solved quickly and novices are encouraged to try again.

Vinyl Cutting Software Features

With vinyl cutting software, you can select from a library of designs. Or, you can draw and create your own designs. You can embellish existing designs to customize them for your needs. Your software comes with a variety of shapes and tools.

You can also import and export designs and bitmap images. You can trace an image to create an editable scalable design which you can cut out with a vinyl cutting plotter.

Advanced designs are possible using advanced text tools, fonts and special effects like shadows, transformations, multi-outlines, stippling, striping and three-dimensional effects.

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Why is Flexi Software a Good Choice?

SAi Flexi software provides all-in-one software. With Flexi it is possible to design, print, cut your vinyl product all in one smooth process.

Flexi software is very user friendly for all operator levels. It is compatible with most existing hardware. There is no need to purchase costly new computers.

Clearly, Flexi software meets the needs of all designers from beginning software users to professional, experienced designers. Three out of every four vinyl design shops use SAi Flexi software.

SAi provides software with options for beginning vinyl designers. The software has sufficient features so that the most advanced software designers can find what they need.

Flexi is the industry-standard software for design to print to cut vinyl products. For the smallest to largest vinyl design shops, SAi Flexi has payment options that fit your budget. If you cannot afford a complete software package, you can rent what you need through SAi’s economic subscription.

When it comes to designer support, SAi has knowledgeable and enthusiastic IT staff available round the clock. If you are looking for the best vinyl cutter software, then look no farther.

For more information on SAi Flexi affordable vinyl cutter software learn more here.