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Jul 09, 2019

Best Sign Shop Software

As a small sign shop business owner, your customers expect nothing short of quality. That is, bringing their marketing and advertising content to life in the best way possible. In order to do so, you will require the right tools for the business. A format printer and the best sign shop software you can find are crucial tools needed to do this job right.

What is a Sign Shop Software?

If you’re in the business of making signs, a powerful sign shop software is an absolutely crucial element for what you do. Whether it’s designing, cutting, or printing beautiful signs for your customers, the right solution can really make or break your business.

Sign Shop Business

Even with the emergence of digital marketing, sign making is still a prominent business in the advertising and marketing industry which serves other businesses by manufacturing signage. Nearly every business or shop could use a sign hanging, standing, or stuck somewhere no matter how simple or complex. This is because the sign is one of the best ways to introduce a business even in our modern, digital world.

Sign Shop Software

What is Signage Made From?

There is a bevy of materials in which signage can be made from, but only a few are quality and common practice. Each of the following substrates has its own benefit that can match the preference for signage.

Types of Sign Shop Output

  • Vinyl: This is the most preferable signage substrate in today’s market and it’s due to the material’s durability and re-usability. Durability is a big factor, vinyl is the best substrate for signage to be placed outdoors, where the weather can have the most effect on it.
  • SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate) Paperboard: This sign substrate is paper-based. In other words, it’s made out of bleached chemical pulp that’s lightweight, great for indoors (windows especially), and it’s affordable. Signs made of this substrate are only used for a month or so. They are not expected to last very long.
  • Styrene: This signage substrate is completely made up of polystyrene. It’s both durable and reusable just like vinyl. In terms of durability, it is not weather-resistant, so its best used indoors. This is the type of material that is used to make hanging and menu signage.
  • Window Cling: This is a thin-papered substrate which utilizes electrostatics to be fixed on glass windows. The kind of signs made out of this substrate are used to promote sales, products, and events. It’s for short time use.

Specific Signage Design Types

  • Vinyl Lettering: This signage design consists of numbering, shapes and lettering. Each of them is cutout from a 2-mil solid vinyl sheet. It is great for windows, walls, sides of vehicles and storefronts. Thanks to its durability (weather resistant), the vinyl lettering can last for a very long time.
  • X-Stand Banners: These are lightweight 13 oz vinyl banners, supported by a stand made of both fiberglass and aluminum. Due to the materials, this signage design is set to withstand harsh weather conditions (making it fit for the outdoors). On top of that, the signage is not hard to set up. This sign design is best for events like book signings, conferences, and so on.
  • Pole banners: These signage designs consists of 18 oz vinyl that’s rain-proof and safe from UV rays. It can mostly be found between two poles or light posts. This type of signage is typically used to advertise special events such as seasonal promotions.

Signmaking Shop Software

Types of Sign Shop Software

  • RIP (Raster image processor) software: This is a software module on a general purpose computing device which is executed by the microprocessor within the printer. It produces raster images which are also known as bitmaps that are to be used by the later stage of the printing system for producing printed outputs.
  • Print and Cut software: This allows you to print out an image for it to be optically scanned. The optical scanner then makes use of registered marks in order to cut out the design.
  • Design Tool: This is where most of the designing occurs. The design tool software platform is best for customizing. It is one of the many tools which are considered very important to sign shop software.

Flexi and EnRoute Sign Shop Software

SAi offers two complete sign shop software solutions to cover all your needs.

Flexi: For starters, this software is a complete solution for designing, cutting and printing. Flexi has special functions, such as its ability to drive up to 5 printers and cutters simultaneously. It’s one of the best solutions out there for signmaking.

EnRoute: For dimensional signage to be used in collaboration with your plasma cutter or CNC router, EnRoute software is your best bet. Its powerful toolpath engine makes it one of the preferred options in the industry.


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