A Basic Guide To Wall Graphics

A Basic Guide to Wall Graphics

If you’ve set foot in a craft store or done some shopping on Etsy recently, you already knowwall graphics that interior wall graphics are big right now. From meaningful quotes to life-sized cutouts of your kid’s favorite character, an interior wall graphic is an easy way to add some visual appeal to any space, and homeowners are jumping on the opportunity.

Using sign vinyl for interior decorating is more popular than ever, and taking advantage of this trend is a great way to give your sign making business a boost.

Because there are special considerations that must be kept in mind when creating wall graphics using sign vinyl, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

Successful Interior Wall Graphics

  1. Start with the Right Vinyl. The successful creation and installation of interior wall graphics begins with the right type of vinyl. In most situations, you’ll want to use vinyl that has a matte finish and removable adhesive.The matte finish ensures that interior lights won’t create glare that obstructs the image or graphic. Unfortunately, matte vinyl isn’t as widely available as its glossy counterpart, so it may be more challenging to find exactly what you need.
  2. Match Your Vinyl with the Right Application Tape. The application tape is just as important as the vinyl, and getting the tape and vinyl combination right is crucial. Matte vinyl has a unique surface that makes it difficult for many types of application tape to make a secure bond. This could make it more difficult to remove cut and weeded vinyl from the release liner.Choose a tape with an adhesive compound that’s strong enough to remove vinyl from the liner and passive enough to release so the graphic can be applied to a painted wall.
  3. Ensure Proper Application. Self-adhesive sign vinyl is designed to stick to standard sign industry substrates like aluminum, glass and smooth plastic, so applying it to interior painted walls can be a With textured walls, such as brick, it’s nearly impossible to achieve a strong bond.Advise your customers not to apply their graphics to heavily textured or freshly painted wall. Prior to application, encourage them to thoroughly clean the surface to ensure that it’s dirst and dust-free.

    When applying the graphic, apply pressure using a squeegee to ensure that the graphic bonds to the wall properly. Gently peel away the transfer tape while continuing to use the squeegee to keep the graphic pressed to the wall.

Flexi Software for Interior Wall Graphics

Interior wall graphics are big business right now, and offering them is an excellent way to expand your services and attract new prospective customers. SA International Flexi Software for wall graphics makes this easier, with tools like tiling and weed lines, and we provide all the resources you need whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced sign maker. Contact an authorized Flexi reseller or reach out directly to us today to learn more about Flexi sign making software or order your copy!

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