A Basic Guide To Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

From fleet lettering to complete wraps, vinyl vehicle graphics are a mainstay in the graphics and sign making industries. For new and established sign makers, offering your customers a vinyl vehicle wrap is an excellent way to increase your revenue and attract new customers.

Many questions arise regarding the challenges of making vinyl vehicle wraps. This basic guide to vinyl vehicle wraps is intended to provide you with answers to some of those questions.

Guide to Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

What Type of Vinyl Should You Use for A Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

Which vinyl to use is one of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps, andVinyl Vehicle Wrap the answer isn’t always straight forward. The type of vinyl you should use largely depends on your market and intended outcome.

For basic graphics applied to simple curves or flat surfaces, metallized film works well, but more difficult applications require better film.

For commercial fleet graphics, you may want to use standard cast and calendared films, but the exact type you should choose is largely a matter of personal preference as well as the customer’s budget.

You’ll want to pay close attention to the outdoor ratings of various vinyl options to determine the best choice for a particular project.

Wet or Dry Application

Vinyl vehicle wraps can be applied dry or wet using an application fluid. While the decision largely comes down to personal preference, each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Dry application is faster but may be complicated by dust and air bubbles. A wet application removes dust particles and air bubbles, but it takes longer and it’s necessary to remove all of the fluid prior to finishing the installation.

How to Prepare the Surface

Proper surface preparation is a crucial step in ensuring successful installation of your vinyl vehicle wrap. Start with a thorough cleaning, but do not wax the vehicle. Next, clean the area with isopropyl alcohol to remove stray dust. Alcohol is an ideal cleaner for this purpose because it evaporates quickly and leaves behind a clean, dry surface.

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