Self-Adhesive Vinyl Types & Their Benefits

Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Self Adhesive Vinyl Comes in Different Types

Self-adhesive vinyl is commonly used in sign making. Various types of vinyl are available, and each type has unique qualities that make it the best option for certain applications. Generally speaking, self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for sign making because it is durable enough to last up to 5 years outdoors and up to 15 indoors.

Whether you’re just getting in to the sign making business or you’ve been making signs for a while, choosing the right type of vinyl is crucial to the success of any project. Here are a few of the most common types of self-adhesive vinyl and their benefits.

Types of Self-Adhesive Vinyl and Their Benefits

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyls don’t transmit light. They’re commonly used on lettering for yard signs, but they’re also popular for window and vehicle lettering. Opaque vinyl is durable and should last for several years with proper care and maintenance. It’s important to note, though, that the actual lifespan depends on the quality of the vinyl you purchase. No matter how good your vinyl plotter software is, it can’t fix cheap vinyl!

Translucent Vinyl

Translucent vinyl allows light to pass through, making it ideal for outdoor use. This type of vinyl is commonly used on acrylic and other materials that benefit from its light transmitting properties. When used outdoors, translucent vinyl has a relatively long lifespan. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than other types of vinyl, including opaque vinyl.

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl can be extremely difficult to work with, but it is ideal for certain situations. It is best used in conditions involving low lighting because when light strikes reflective vinyl, the lettering becomes easy to read. Reflective vinyl is commonly used on road signs and on warning and safety signs.

These are just a few of the most common types of vinyl. There are several other types on the market, and there are subcategories within each primary category. No matter what type of sign you’re working on, there is a type of vinyl that is perfectly suited to your application, and with Flexi software from SAi, designing and cutting vinyl for signs is easier than you’ve ever imagined!

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