Is Custom T-Shirt Printing Worth It?

Businesses, organizations and even individuals are always in the market for high-quality custom t-shirt printingcustom t-shirt printing services. Whether you’re already in the sign and graphics business and you’re thinking about expanding to t-shirts or you’re thinking about opening up a custom t-shirt business using heat press vinyl instead of screenprinting and other techniques, you probably have one big question:  Is it worth it?

The benefits of offering custom t-shirt printing are numerous. Read on to learn more!

Why You Should Offer Custom T-Shirt Printing

If you’re thinking about offering custom t-shirt printing, you’re probably already well aware of the demand. From local baseball teams to Fortune 500 companies, everyone wants custom t-shirts, so you’ll never struggle to find customers.

Vinyl Offers Something for Every Taste

When you choose to offer custom t-shirt printing using heat press vinyl, there are options that will appeal to any customer. There are dozens of t-shirt transfer materials available. From soft, high-quality PU to extremely cost effective PVC, the options are numerous.

Offering vinyl t-shirt printing also allows you to give your customers something extra. Metallic, fluorescent, glitter and even holographic vinyl is available, and it’s a great way to add some “bling” to garments and attract an even larger customer base.

T-Shirt Printing Is Easy

Making custom t-shirts using vinyl is easier than you may think. If you already make signs or vinyl graphics, the process is almost the same. One of the main differences is that, when making t-shirts, you need to reverse the image before sending it from your vector software to your cutter. This creates a mirror image of the original file that is applied to the t-shirt upside down to create a design that faces the correct direction.

Whether you are new to vinyl graphics or you’re looking to expand your current business, t-shirts are a great way to make money. With SAI Flexi, you can turn virtually any design into a custom t-shirt. To learn more about how Flexi can help your t-shirt printing business, contact us now. We’re here to answer any questions you may have!

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