What Questions To Ask Your Customer for A Successful Project

Knowing The Right Questions To Ask Your Customer Helps Your Projects Outcome

Whether you’re designing a sign, banner, window vinyl or vehicle wrap, creating a final product that meets – or better yet, exceeds – your customer’s expectations is always important. Communication is key, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to ask all the questions to ensure a successful project.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when discussing a new project.

Questions to Ask Your Customers to Ensure a Successful Project

What Type of Sign?

Does your customer want a simple banner to advertise a business or an event? Or are they looking for something a bit fancier? Maybe they’re interested in a car wrap? Prior to making any other decisions, you need to be 100% certain of what type of sign your customer wants.

What Material?

Signs can be made in countless materials. If your customer isn’t sure which material would work best, ask them where they will be displaying it and whether it is intended for short or long-term use. Signs that will be displayed outdoors or long-term have different material requirements than those that will be used indoors or for a short period of time.

Does Your Sign Need to Fit Specific Dimensions?

Double check to with your customer to find out if the sign needs to be made to fit specific dimensions. Never assume that your customer needs a standard size. Designing and printing at the wrong size wastes a lot of time and materials.

Do You Have Existing Artwork?

Having A Sketch From Your Client Helps Put the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

Even if it’s just a sketch on a napkin, it’s always helpful to have some artwork to work from. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to visualize what your customer is expecting without having them provide you with some artwork upfront. The artwork is especially important if your customer has a very specific font, image or color in mind.

The process of designing and printing the perfect sign begins with asking your customer the right questions. You also need high quality print and cut software, like Flexi. To learn more contact us today!

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