Using Flexi’s Auto Serializtion Feature

With Flexi Design’s Auto Serialization feature, it is easy to quickly create a series of labels, decals, signs or identification products. Here is a quick Youtube video walking you through this:


To Use Flexi’s Auto Serialization Feature Follow These Steps

To begin, you will need a design with at least one text field that you would like to make into a series. To make the series, select your design, then go to the top menu, select “Arrange,” then “Auto Serialize.” Next, enter the number of copies and how many columns you want to create. Click on the text field that needs to be replaced, then click “Next.” In the next menu, you can manually enter the data or click the “Auto Serialize” button to save time. Choose the starting number and the increment, then click “OK.”

Now, you should see each number in the series. You can click on and change any number, if needed. Click “Finish” to create the series.

When you’ve finished, you can send this to your RIP software or print directly to a laser engraver.

You can also use the Auto Serialization feature to generate a series with unique names, barcode numbers and QR codes from a data file. The data file needs to have a separate column for each text field in the document. To save this data in Flexi, you must save the file as a tab-delimited text file.

To convert text, such as an email address, to a QR code, select the text, choose “Text” then “QR Code” then “Text to QR Code.” You can then place the QR code in your design. To create a barcode, select the barcode numbers and choose “Text” in the top menu. Next, choose “Barcode” then “Barcode 128.” Place the barcode in the design.

When you’ve finished, select the complete design, and click “Arrange” in the top menu. Then, select “Auto Serialize.” Select the fields that match the columns in your data file to replace the correct fields. Next, add the data file by clicking the “Browse” button and locating the file on your computer.

Review the data for each text field column, and make edits as necessary before clicking “Finish” to create your series.

Whether you need simple decals and stickers or more complex signs, the Auto Serialization feature in Flexi makes it easy. To learn more, contact SAi today by calling 801-478-1900.

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