True Shape Nesting

With the contour cut True Shape Nesting feature in Flexi, you can get up to 50% media savings on your cut and print jobs. With this feature, designs are automatically rotated and nested by actual shape, and the job can be sent to Flexi Production Manager or any other RIP software

How to Use the True Shape Nesting Feature in Flexi

First, make sure your contour cut images are ready to nest. Each image should already have at least one contour cut path applied. If you need help applying a contour path, watch our video. Select the images you would like to use, then open the “Arrange” menu and select “True Shape Nesting.”

Next, enter the number of copies you would like to make and set the desired space between them in DesignCentral. Click the “Redraw” button to generate a preview of the current True Shape Nesting settings. Compared to manually copying and pasting your image, using the True Shape Nesting saves as much as half of the media.

To arrange the nest horizontally for printing, reduce the panel height. When you’ve finished making changes to the nesting preview, click on the green checkmark. Flexi will now apply your settings.

If you have Flexi Production Manager, simply click the “RIP and Print” button on the top menu, and continue your workflow in Production Manager.

If you do not use Flexi Production Manager as your RIP, you can add cutter registration marks prior to sending them to your RIP software. To do this, select the sheet, go to the “Effects” menu, and select “Contour Cut Marks.” In DesignCentral, you can select your cutter’s registration mark type and adjust other settings as necessary. When you’re finished, click “Apply.”

If you will be cutting using a flatbed cutter, you can add flatbed cutter marks inside the image nest as well by opening the “Effects” menus, selecting “ICut,” entering the number of marks and clicking “Apply.”

Finally, to send this to your RIP software, open the “File” menu. If you have a subscription, you can choose to send the RIP job to Onyx, RasterLink or VersaWorks, or you can select “Export.” Select PDF as the file type, and save.

Flexi’s True Shape Contour Cut Nesting feature makes it easy to save up to 50% of your media on contour cut print jobs. To learn more or to purchase Flexi, please call 801.478.1900.



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