Flexi Version 12 Released

new-flexi-versionSAi Flexi software is the only software solution that provides all-in-one design, print and cut capabilities for those in the sign and print industries. Today, nearly 75% of shops use this powerful software, making Flexi the industry standard for sign-specific design tools as well as print-and-cut, RIP and print and direct vinyl cutting capabilities.

Our latest product, SAi Flexi 12, expands upon the already impressive list of features included in previous versions to provide enhancements to productivity, control,  accuracy and precision. Additionally, customers can still open their Cloud window to access production insights, an expansive collection of business apps and quick links for technical support, as well as social media pages that provide tutorials and helpful videos that will make it easy for you to get the most out of your software investment.

New Features in SAi Flexi 12

New Cut Features

  • Animated Cut Viewer Tool: Allows you to see exactly how your designs will be cut before actually cutting them. This tool instantly shows you the exact cut and blade movements for a single vinyl color or all vinyl color layers.
  • View & Change Vinyl Cutting Order: With the new Cut Order tool, you can reduce errors in production by previewing the pattern in which design objects will be cut. You can allow Flexi Design to optimize for the best cut speed, or you can manually set the order in which you would like the objects to be cut. For complex cutting jobs, this tool also reduces production time by optimizing the starting point for the cutting of each object.

Updated Design Features

  • Artwork Approval Tool: With the Artwork Approval tool, you can save time and get your designs approved by customers faster. This tool allows you to send your designs directly to your customers, and they can comment on it through their browser. Your SAi Cloud will automatically let you know when customers have reviewed or approved your work, and it tracks revisions.
  • Contour Cut True Shape Nesting: With new contour cut true shape nesting capabilities, the latest version of Flexi can help you minimize your media usage for print-and-cut jobs. By rotating and nesting images based on their actual shape, it decreases the amount of waste and maximizes the usable area of your media.
  • Data Matrix Code and QR Generation: Thanks to the new QR Code Creator in Flexi 12, adding interactive elements to your customers’ signage is fast and easy. This handy new tool can be used to automatically convert text into the correct type of QR code for web addresses, phone numbers, text messages and email addresses. For customers in need of inventory labels, Flexi 12 can also be used to create Data Matrix Codes.

New Production Manager Features

  • Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools: With these new tools, you can make finishing hanging banners, pop-up banners and canvas artwork faster than ever. These tools allow you to prepare banner finishing aspects, including folds, stitch marks, grommet marks and bleeds, in a matter of just a few seconds.
  • Quick View in Production Manager: The improved interface in Production Manager allows you to get a faster view of all the jobs that are in queue. Simply click on a job to see the details of the job as well as a thumbnail preview.
  • Job Nesting Alignment Tools: Fast job nesting placement on sheet-fed or roll media is easy with Flexi 12’s new one-click alignment controls. Groups of jobs can be nested on the left, right or center of the media, or they can be aligned along the edge for easier and faster cutting.
  • CleanColor™: The new CleanColor setting allows you to create more vibrant and accurate colors when you use the Pure Hue feature in Production Manager. Using CleanColor provides results with more vibrant greens, reds and blues than possible with color management alone.
  • Updated PANTONE+ Spot Color Library: Spot color matching is much easier with the updated PANTONE COLOR MATCHING SYSTEM library in SAi Flexi 12. PANTONE has added hundreds of new colors to their library since 2012, and customers expect these new colors on their products. The updated library includes all of PANTONE’s latest colors and works seamlessly with the spot color matching feature in Production Manager.

If you have an earlier version of SAi Flexi software, upgrading is easy and affordable with preferred pricing for traditional software upgrades, or monthly subscriptions starting at $49.95 for everything Flexi has to offer. SAi Flexi 12 supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista, so you can upgrade your computer worry-free.

To learn more about Flexi 12 and how you can put it to work in your print or sign business, don’t hesitate to contact your reseller or SAi. You can reach us by calling 801.478.1900. You can also contact SAi via our website.

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  1. Wondering if you have a list of Vinyl cutters supported by Flexisign 12
    We are currently using Flexisign 8 and are wondering if there is an upgrade price for the 2 licenses we have.

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