Resetting Preferences


1. Take note of the following things in Flexi & Production Manager (as they will be lost on resetting preferences).

a. Production Manager – Setups (Ports)

Note: All jobs in Production Manager will be removed (if you have any)

b. Custom color palettes.
more colors

Right Click the palette you wish to save and choose “Save Table As” and save it to a convenient location (like your desktop). Do this for each palette you have (I have two so I have to do this two times).

c. Your toolbars/ other settings will also be reset to the way it was when you purchased the software.

2. Reset the preferences. Go to Start> All Programs> SAi Production Suite> Preference Manager.

a. Click save and give it any name you want in case we need to come back to your default settings

b. Once you have saved your settings, Click “Factory Defaults” and Load

c. Open the software and test the issue that you were previously having and verify it has been fixed.

d. If the issue was resolved, restore all of the settings you backed up and wrote down from step 1.


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