Reinstall SafeNet Driver

Indications you might need to reinstall:

  • Key not found error message (even when restarting computer)
  • Security key does not match the password error
  • Key is not lighting up; the software closes with the message “Key Not Found”


  1. Unplug your hardware key
  2. Uninstall the old SafeNet driver found in Add/ Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista and newer). RESTART IF PROMPTED.
  3. Download the newest driver here:
  4. Install the driver. RESTART COMPUTER.
  5. Plug in the hardware key to a different port. Windows should make a dinging sound and say “Installing device driver”. Once complete, the hardware key should light up.
  6. Try to open the software.

Other Notes:

  • Do not plug the hardware key into a hub.
  • If you have to flick your key to make it work, the key may be going bad or has been physically damaged.

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