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Whether you’re designing small decals, t-shirts, full vehicle wraps or any other type product consisting of vinyl that’s intended to be applied to be a surface, successful production begins with theVinyl Cutting Software right vinyl cutting software. Vinyl cutting plotters are some of the most popular pieces of equipment in modern print and graphic shops, and for good reason! These tools allow users to create everything from small stickers to vinyl wraps that are large enough to cover entire vehicles, and as long as you're using a robust plotter software you can be sure to get good results for these applications.

But simply purchasing a good vinyl cutter isn’t enough.  You also need to invest in the right software. SAi Flexi vinyl cutting plotter software is the perfect solution for both beginners and more experienced users. It’s compatible with all of the best cutters on the market, and it offers powerful features for users of all types.

Flexi Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software

SAi Flexi software is a powerful all-in-one solution for printing and cutting vinyl. It’s loaded with amazing features, and it’s designed to be as easy to understand as possible.


Flexi features an innovative Artwork Approval Tool that allows you to get designs approved faster and save time by sending designs directly to clients. Your account automatically tracks revision requests and approvals and notifies you immediately when your client reviews or approves your artwork.

With the Contour Cut True Shape Nesting feature, you’ll also save materials when printing and cutting vinyl. This powerful feature automatically nests and rotates images based on their size and shape. Multiple images can be imported, rotated and nested in a matter of seconds.

Speed up the cutting process using the Cut Order Tool which allows you to let Flexi optimize for best speed or manually change the order yourself. This tool also reduces production time on even the most complex vinyl cutting jobs by automatically optimizing the starting point of cutting for each individual object.

When you’re ready to cut, simply check out the Animated Cut Viewer Tool that lets you see exactly how your designs will be cut before the blade ever touches the vinyl.

These are just a few of the many features included in Flexi vinyl cutting plotter software. At SAi, our goal is to make this powerful software accessible to businesses of all sizes, and we offer Flexi in multiple levels to meet our customers’ needs. We also offer a convenient Flexi subscription that allows you to pay to use the software on a monthly basis rather than purchasing it outright.

Ready to take your business to the next level with the most powerful vinyl cutting software on the market? Contact SAi today!  

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