FlexiPRINT HP Latex-Edition Portfolio


The true print AND cut solution. Produce twice as fast.

HP Latex 315 Print and Cut

Grow with this 54-inch business-ready print and cut solution      

HP Latex 335 Print and Cut

Expand into wider applications with this 64-in true print and cut solution



All-in-one print-and-cut workflow

Enjoy the industry’s most seamless print-and-cut workflow with stunning accuracy and an easy-to-use interface. Effortlessly design multiple contour cut lines in any vector or bitmap design and create accurate print-and-cut jobs in the fewest steps and from a single application.

Direct-to-vinyl cutting

Produce professional vinyl cut graphics and lettering using colored adhesive-backed vinyl film. SAi Flexi fulfills all of your advanced graphic design and production needs for vinyl cutting. HP FlexiPRINT and CUT is the recommended solution for signmakers whose work volume requires efficient design and production tools to produce large format prints as well as vinyl cut graphics. 

HP Integrated media library tool

Take full advantage of the new HP Latex printer capabilities thanks to Flexi’s close integration with HP’s online Media Library. View and download the latest media and print modes directly to your printer, which auto-synchronize with Flexi to get you up and running quickly.

Manual & automated job nesting

Flexi’s automated Job Nesting optimizes your device and media usage by grouping multiple print jobs into one job before printing. Take total control using Flexi’s manual layout tool to quickly nest multiple print jobs or multiple pages, copies, tiles or separations of the same job.


  • Highest level HP certification
  • Automatic media synchronization
  • Fast, native PDF RIP engine
  • PANTONE® and custom Spot Color Matching
  • Easy Print Wizard
  • Fast job preview
  • Full free-form job tiling
  • HP-Integrated media tool
  • Cloud Window tools and HP videos
  • Manual & automated nesting
  • Full margin, bleed and crop marks
  • Print from any application
  • Free companion mobile app
  • Full color management workflow
  • Optional banner finishing tools

True Shape Vinyl Cut Job nesting

Optimize your material usage even more when you use True Shape nesting to automatically fit objects together based on their actual shape.

Full vector design application

In HP FlexiPRINT and CUT, you have all the vector design tools required for professional day-to-day signmaking at your fingertips. Increase your creativity and productivity with extremely intuitive layout and design tools such as bitmap vectorization, advanced point and curve editing tools, work with Smart Objects or parametric shapes, weld and merge several object together, create outlines, apply shadows, compose text, braille or barcodes, or apply variable data to your design – all from a single application.

No matter how complex your design, Flexi’s powerful DesignEditor helps you manage the various layers and objects in your design and ensures each separate element remains editable, even when it’s part of a group or effects have been applied to it.