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Learn Flexi the Right Way

Our online Flexi training courses are the best and most convenient way to become proficient at using Flexi Designer and Flexi Production Manager. Whether you are just starting out with Flexi or have been using it for years, this training is designed to improve your everyday sign-making results. You also get a printable certificate upon course completion.

Why Get Flexi Training?

  • Get great looking signs done quicker - reduce work frustrations
  • Reduce shop waste - fewer costly mistakes and wasted materials
  • Keep good employees - 1 in 4 employees quit because of lack of training

Why Online Training?

  • Learn at your own pace - repeat lessons if needed
  • Take courses anytime, anywhere - any web browser or on mobile devices!
  • Saves money - A trained employee is more effective and productive

Available Online Training Courses:

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