FlexiPRINT HP Latex-Edition Portfolio

Flexi HP Latex-Edition brings you an easy-to-use design-to-print workflow with closely integrated HP media management. Send jobs directly from your preferred design application or simply drag and drop files directly into the queue. The rich feature set is specifically tailored to make printing easy: quickly preview, re-size, copy, rotate, tile and nest print jobs and view all information about the jobs in progress.
Flexi Top Features FlexiPRINT HP Basic Edition FlexiPRINT HP Premium Edition FlexiPRINT and Cut HP Edition  FlexiSIGN & PRINT HP Edition SAi FlexiSIGN & PRINT 
HP Latex Drivers:  115/310/315
All HP 115/315/335
All HP
Simultaneous Printing To  1 printer 2 printers 1 printer 3 printers
3 printers
All-in-One Print-and-Cut workflow

Direct-to-Vinyl Cutting (Cutting Vinyl without Printing)

Over 1000 Cutter Drivers (for Print-and-Cut)

Works with Non-HP Printers

Works with Non-HP Cutters

HP Cutter Integration Driver Only

Driver Updater*
Native PDF RIP Engine

Scaling and Rotating

Interactive & Automated Tiling

Free-Form & Automated Job Nesting 

Color Managed Printing 

Full Vector Design and Bitmap Editing Application   

Double-Sided Printing (Also Depends on the HP Printer)   

Full Color Correction Toolset   

PANTONE® and Custom Spot Color Matching  

Color replacement tool  

Create Custom ICC Media Profiles
Job Cost Estimation Tool  

Banner Finishing Tools  
HP Cutter Driver Option Presets    
Driver Updater*
Automatically Add Barcode to Job        
HP WallArt Integration
SAi Cloud Tools and HP Videos
Print Wizard for Beginners
HP-Integrated Media Library Tool
HP Videos and E Learning 
HP Application Center 
* New drivers are made available as a driver updater.  The driver is then included automatically in the next service pack.

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